Data Extraction Services

Having quick and easy access to business-critical information is crucial for making strategic decisions. With QuikTek’s data extraction services, you can get all the relevant and required information from a multitude of sources. Our experts ensure that you have accurate and organized data at your fingertips, thus helping you make well-informed decisions just in time.

As part of our web data extraction services, we retrieve relevant, unstructured data from the web as well as databases; analyze this information and organize it in the most suitable format, as per your requirement.

Our comprehensive range of data extraction services includes the following:

  • Web data extraction services
  • Meta data extraction from consumer blogs, forums and websites
  • Database extraction
  • Web data mining
  • PDF data extraction services
  • Business information search
  • Extracting market information- Latest product launches and their pricing plans
  • Pooling market research and subject matter blogs about several new innovative products
  • Collecting online data and organizing it onto a spreadsheet
  • Creating email lists, website lists and contact details
  • Gathering, collating and summarizing news from a range of online news and PR sources
  • Gathering vital information from commercial websites

Why outsource data extraction services to QuikTek?

  • We work closely with you to deliver data extraction solutions that are tailored to suit your specific business needs.
  • Our experts deliver efficient web data extraction services to help you gain an insight into valuable information that can be used for making informed business decisions.
  • When you outsource data extraction services to us, will help you save your time and company’s cost that can be invested in working on core business areas to achieve organizational goals.
  • Each method undergoes stringent quality checks and rigorous testing to ensure that it is free from errors.
  • We follow strict security measures to safeguard your information and prevent unauthorized access.

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Working with QuikTek has been a very good experience for us. They quickly understood our business needs and delivered solutions bespoke to our requirements. The professionals extracted required data from a number of sources and organized relevant information in an apt format.

The services are reasonably priced and we highly recommend them!
-- Scott M. Gil
Finance and Accounting firm