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Product Image Editing - Product Photo Retouching

With our world-class photo enhancement services, we can give a new lease of life to your product photos!

Product photos play an important role in eCommerce, more so because they communicate appearance, texture, color and other product attributes to the prospects. In fact, photos or images are what attract buyers in the first place, often encouraging them to buy your products. So, it's imperative for you to take to product photo enhancement, and ensure that your online store has only clean, visually-appealing photos.

If you own an online store, chances are that you have gathered the images for it from different sources, including paper catalogues, manufacturers' websites, etc. It is also understandable that you may have let extensive product image editing take a back seat, especially with a large number of products and respective images involved. Goes without saying that with no support from a product image editing company, these processes are quite difficult to deal with, and can eat into your time.

Not anymore. We, at QuikTek, can take the burden off your shoulders, and cater to your product image enhancement, product image cropping, product image manipulation, product image masking, and product image resizing requirements. We offer an all-inclusive product photo retouching service, and give you access to a team of experienced graphic designers and product image editing experts. Spearheaded by a dedicated project manager, our team ensures that the product image editing services are rendered timely and at a fraction of the cost.

Our wide gamut of product photo enhancement services includes:

  • Product Image Cropping/Clipping/Cutout: When you come to us for product image cropping, we make it a point to carefully place the product image on an appropriate background, after tracing it down from the original one. And while our experts have the know-how required to render image clipping services, they are equally proficient at meeting a product image processing service requirement, and can help you bring out the colors and clarity, if that's what you are looking for.
  • Product Image Resizing/Scaling: As a leading product image editing company, we know that at times you may be stuck with low-resolution images, ones that may or may not deem fit for the desired medium. So, when we get down to working on these images, we strive to provide you with varying options, including thumbnail, normal, and zoom.
  • Product Color / Lighting Correction: We color the images in tandem with your specifications and with a suitable coloring style in mind. What makes us your obvious choice for product photo editing is that not only do we brighten the key elements, but also highlight the details. For this, we adjust tone and contrast and work towards achieving accurate exposure.
  • Removal Of Unwanted Elements: Looking forward to getting unwanted elements or people removed from your product photos? Look no further. As your product image editing company, we can do a rather tactful removal and rebuild the blank area without any difficulty.
  • Product Photo Retouching: When it comes to product photo retouching, our focus lies on making your products stand out. We make use of the best available editing tools, and do everything we can, right from tone correction to scaling and key feature enhancement, to help you take full advantage of our product photo retouching service.
  • Product Image Masking: Our product image masking service is aimed at making otherwise dull and lacklustre product photos look a lot livelier. The service is rendered by experts who have their way with product image masking, and entails the use of transparency masking, alpha channel masking, layer masking, and other result-oriented masking techniques.
  • Product Image Background Removal/Correction:Do you know that a bold and disorienting background can shift a viewer's focus off of the primary elements of your product image? Being well-versed with product images and background removal, we do. Rest assured, we can help you get rid of these foreign elements and bring the key subjects to the fore.
  • Correcting Product Orientation: There's no denying that some things look better in a specific orientation. So, if you want your product photos to look a particular way, reach out to us, and we'll correct the orientation accordingly.
  • Adding/Removing Borders from Product Images: Yet another reason for you to opt for our product image editing services.

Commercial Graphic Support and Product Image Processing Services:

  • Jewelry items
  • Luxury watches
  • Toys
  • Baby products
  • Antique lightings
  • Digital cameras
  • Apparels – men/women/kids
  • Home accessories
  • Kitchen utilities
  • Electronic equipment – Microwaves, ACs, Fridges, Music Systems, etc.
  • Cars & components
  • Medical equipment
  • Ceiling fans
  • Plumbing fixtures, etc.

Commercial Photo Editing and Product Photo Retouching Services:

Having had a long and successful tryst with commercial graphic support, we know that as an eCommerce store owner, you could be spending a lot of money to ensure that your products look their best, especially if they are of high value.

So, when you entrust with commercial photo editing, we offer value for money and provide you with one best suited product image each for all of your products. Our photo enhancement service is specifically designed to ensure that the prospects do take a second look at the photos included and are encouraged to check out your website. Right from product image processing and editing to product image background removal and retouching, we can take care of almost every aspect.

Usage of Specialized Monitors and Consoles: With advanced PCs, specialized monitors, and Adobe Photoshop Editor (CS6 version) at our disposal, we take product image processing to a whole new level, and try our best to exceed your expectations.

File Transfer: You can leverage our secure FTP server to share your digitally shot product images with us. These will then be edited by our experts before you upload the photos to your eCommerce website.

Struggling with large volumes of images? Fret not. We can undertake product image processing for as many images as you want us to, and that too in any of the formats of your choice, including TIFF, JPEG, PSD, GIF, PNG, TGF/TGA, RAW digital files, etc. The best part is that we have a quick turnaround time.

We have had the opportunity to serve clients in different parts of the world, including US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, UK, Norway and Australia, and are known to help them save big money and improve on their core process capabilities.

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Initially, I was not sure about outsourcing as I always like to oversee my work. But that was until I outsourced my product image editing project to QuikTek. There were nearly 1000 images of jewelry, ranging from rings, pendants, bracelets and much more. The professionals worked as an extension of our in-house team and edited the photos to bring out their true essence. On top of it, they delivered the project within the deadline.
-- Joe Darney,
Managing Director
Online store for jewelry