Outsource eCommerce eMail & Chat Support Services

eCommerce Email and Chat Support Services

Did you know that email and chat support is one of the surest ways to curtail bounce rates? Organizations receive innumerable emails every day that are filled with valuable queries, feedback or suggestions. It is extremely vital to reply to each one of them, because of the potential they hold to add to your revenue stream and build on your clientele. You need to be proactive, quick and alert. One missed email is one less opportunity to earn more business and spread positive word-of-mouth about your brand.

Many companies now prefer a Live Chat on their website, where customers can directly chat with an online customer service representative. Instant, real time communication is a particularly delightful experience for customers, and goes a long way in both locking new business and redressing customer grievances. Existing customers can ask product/service related questions while potential customers (leads) can ask about the services available, or request for a callback. Chat support is the surest, quickest, and the most advanced way to effectively deal with this.

Our capabilities in eCommerce email and chat support

Customer service in real time

We provide quick and responsive support by email for customer queries. Now you can provide chat support to attend to customers in real time.

Data collection for insights

Collect and organize data on customers’ chat history. We curate data on customer enquiries, expectations and browsing habits.

Building a knowledge base

Build knowledge of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) from your visitors. The same can be uploaded on the website to allow customers find their answers right then and there and limit the overhead on your support team.

Outsourcing eMail and Chat Support: Benefits of Choosing QuikTek

  • Minimize bounce rate on shopping carts due to lack of support and incomplete information.
  • Chat histories of returning customers will help you strategize the perfect pitch, and your overall business strategy.
  • Details about the customers’ navigation and browsing habits will allow you to think clearly from their perspective, and fabricate solutions that benefit them.
  • Having knowledge of the most frequently asked questions by customers will allow you to develop an understanding of the general problems clients face or the most common queries visitors have in order to evolve your business strategy.
  • Proper email and chat assistance will ensure that you have way more satisfied and interested customers than complaining and critical of your offerings.

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Quality work and professionalism are the major reasons why we chose QuikTek. The staff quickly adapted to our needs and helped us provide round the clock email/ chat support to our customers, thus improving customer satisfaction.

The professionals quickly responded to customers’ queries and ensured that they do not leave the store unsatisfied. I must admit that outsourcing email/chat support to QuikTek helped us reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase sales significantly. Thank You QuikTek!
-- Brantley Wilson
Online store of medical equipment