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Outsource Custom SKU Development Services

As a part of the eCommerce industry, you might have heard of SKU or stock keeping unit. But do you know what exactly it is? Well, it is a store’s product, catalog, or service identification code. Often portrayed as the machine-readable barcode that is scanned to track the inventory, SKUs are codes that are assigned to all the billable entities of your online store.

Now, you might have an engaging and user-friendly website but eCommerce goes far beyond. It requires you to update, manage and provide accurate information to shoppers without fail. Anything that misleads the shoppers can hugely tarnish your brand image and result in huge monetary losses, which is why stores, today, make sure they upload accurate descriptions, provide professional product images, and integrate other vital product/service/catalog information.

Fortunately, you don’t have to manage all of this on your own. This cumbersome task can be delegated to SKU development experts who offer a comprehensive suite of custom SKU development services. SKU building is highly recommended as an online business resource that helps in the management of product databases. It is used by top sellers in the market, including Amazon, McMaster, Carr, and Grainger, etc.

QuikTek Info’s SKU development services are aimed at delivering an enhanced shopping experience to your customers, helping you get more conversions. We start off by gathering attributed product content before moving on to optimizing it, so that you, as an eCommerce store owner, get to use it to your advantage. Also, as one of the leading providers of SKU production services, we understand how important robust product data is for faceted and keyword search. And it is with this understanding that we optimize it through "Normalization," ensuring that what your customers get to see are concise search results, with relatively fewer page views.

Our custom SKU development services entail both Content Gathering and Normalization and have been specifically designed to give your SKU building efforts a much-needed boost.

Content Gathering

We follow a two-fold approach, wherein we gather the data directly from the manufacturer sources, and then subject it to a thorough evaluation to ensure that the data at disposal is complete and accurate.


After our experts are done collecting the data, we get down to aligning it, forming a rather concise and discrete list of values. These values are either simply formatted or conceptually evaluated with like-meanings, depending on what the need is. What also sets apart our product SKU building services is that our analysts and consultants make it a point to research individual products and values, thereby contributing to the availability of clear and accurate selections in a faceted search environment.

Outsource SKU Development: The Benefits

Have you been struggling with faceted and keyword search of late? What about your conversion rate? Has it taken a hit? Are you experiencing a higher return rate? If that is a yes, full SKU development services are what you need. Not only will you get robust, clean product data or get into the good books of Amazon and other marketplaces but enjoy a pool of benefits including:

  • Assists in inventory tracking, inventory management and carry out various analysis related to inventory and sales.
  • Helps in escalating the data entry, inventory movement, and Point of Sale.
  • Enhances conversion rates
  • Works with both faceted and keyword searches while providing a better customer experience and minimal returns.
  • Highly precise product descriptions
  • Better data management
  • Streamlines intricate product attributes

SKU Development and Maintenance: Practices We Follow

With world-class custom SKU development services, we can help bring about the necessary changes in less than no time. Our team follows a set of practices while generating and maintaining SKUs, some of which include:

  • Following a scheme that starts with letters, as it helps numbers stand out in a spreadsheet and allows them to differ visually.
  • Representing the initial letters of the SKU by the most crucial attribute of the product.
  • Avoiding beginning SKU numbers with zero as certain software might consider the value of zero as null and remove it.
  • Never using numbers that look like letters. For example, ‘0’ and ‘O’ can create confusion among inventory handling teams.
  • Deciding upon a convention and following it in naming all the products. The classification we decide is maintained with uniformity for easy understanding.
  • Trying to make SKUs short in length and following the same length all across to build consistency in your database.
  • Avoiding special characters while coding the SKUs as they may confuse the computers.
  • Avoiding using seller SKUs as they are meant to be customized as per one’s requirement.

SKU Development Services: Key Features

As a prominent product SKU building services provider, we have an in-house team of eCommerce experts and managers who analyze client requirements and drive deliverables, research and capture adequate product information and maintain a thorough check at every stage while ensuring data is optimized for faceted search.

  • Well-versed with diverse formats such as CSV, PDF files, paper catalogs, MS Excel data sheets, etc.
  • Deep competitor, keyword, and product research to ensure your product descriptions are accurate, informational, and relevant.
  • Integrate SEO-friendly content to optimize for search engine results.
  • Categorize SKU data as per criteria for easy search, stock maintenance, and keeping tabs.
  • Sort and arrange data for easy financial as well as comparative analysis and clear understanding of information as data is arranged in a predetermined way.
  • Product review writing to boost sales and improve online visibility.

The QuikTek Advantages: Our Edge

Trusting can be hard but not with QuikTek Info Services. We know what it takes to deliver exceptional outcomes and bring forward the best possible results.

  • Access to Specialists

    We are backed by a proficient team of product SKU specialists who have helped several global clients get the most out of SKU development.

  • Dedicated Project Manager

    As soon as you outsource SKU development services to us, we assign a dedicated project manager who keeps a close check on project progress, quality and maintains hassle-free communication with you.

  • Scalability

    No matter the complexity of your project, our SKU production services experts are capable of handling projects of all sizes and types in an effective, seamless manner.

  • Quick Turnaround

    We understand how even an hour delay can result in losses and tarnish your image, which is why we strictly adhere to the deadlines and deliver your project on or before time.

  • Cost-effective Solutions

    We believe in providing cost-efficient services without any compromise on quality. By availing our product SKU building services, you can rest assured of both pricing and quality.

  • Speed and Consistency

    Our speed and consistency can be easily scaled up in tandem with your individual requirements - yet another reason for you to opt for our custom SKU development services.

  • Quality Assurance

    Before we hand over the final product to you, our QA team conducts rigorous quality checks to ascertain that there are no errors and everything is as per your requirements.

  • Customization

    Our product SKU building services and development solutions are tailored as per the client’s requirements. Regardless of the project size, our team delivers exceptional solutions and serves to the best of its ability.

With world-class SKU building services, we can help bring about the necessary changes in less than no time. Get in touch with us, and we'll let you know how our services can be best tailored to meet your exact requirements.



1. What is the difference between an SKU and a barcode?


There’s not much of a difference. SKUs can be interpreted by humans, whereas barcodes require a scanner.


2. How do I create an SKU?

  • Step 1: Identify product characteristics/attributes (such as material, color, size, etc.) that you want to track.
  • Step 2: Allot an alpha-numeric code to each attribute
  • Step 3: Link all such codes in a series, and it’s done

However, experts recommend taking assistance from professional SKU production services providers in order to get the best outcomes.


3. Do you provide content management under SKU development services?


Yes, we provide content management along with a wide array of services including:

  • Full SKU Production
  • Excel/CSV Product Upload
  • Product Data Feed Management
  • Product Description Writing
  • Product Image Editing

4. Can SKUs help me in my retail business?


Yes, SKUs play a crucial role and provide ample benefits, including:

  • Improving customer experience
  • Assisting in sales forecasting
  • Managing inventory
  • Selling related products

5. Do you offer a free trial?


Yes, we offer a free trial to give you an idea of our expertise and solutions. Try our sample work project and leverage our custom SKU development services.

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It is with great pleasure that I am informing you about the successful completion of our SKU development project, which has been a resounding success for us. And the credit for this goes to QuikTek!

The professionals worked day in and day out to gather attributed product data, normalize and optimize it to help us improve our online visibility. I sincerely appreciate QuikTek for their true commitment and professionalism that resulted in exceptional results.
-- Edward Sullivan
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