Amazon Competitor Analysis Services

Amazon Competitor Analysis

To learn which competitor is at your heels and which one is munching away your share at the Amazon webstore, you will need to carry out an in-depth analysis or simply, avail our Amazon competitor analysis services. We provide you detailed and accurate insights about your key competitors, the strategies that are working for them and failing them, their capabilities, weaknesses, and their plans by conducting a SWOT analysis.

QuikTek has been providing specialized Amazon competitor price monitoring and tracking services since 1999 and has completed several projects for retailers selling a wide range of products. Our real-time competitive analysis services also cover gaining information about the preferences of the customers. Our professionals produce actionable reports and make suggestions to help you develop a better hold on the market, make informed decisions and generate more revenues.

If you would like to have a decisive edge in the highly competitive Amazon environment, we are there to help you! For any further queries on our amazon customer support services, kindly get in touch with us.

Case in Point

Client: Amazon Retailer Selling Sports Goods

Objective: Competitor analysis using manual and automated methods to formulate a competitive pricing strategy

  • Conducting a detailed competitor analysis so that the client can position itself as a competitive retailer for a long period of time.
  • The client also wanted us to find out the market position of sports accessories for they were planning on entering this field too.
  • Optimization of listings was also an additional requirement of our client which further increased the challenges as the deadline given was tight.

Amazon Competitor Analysis & Price Monitoring Solutions Offered by QuikTek:

  • We monitored the product prices of our clients’ top 10 competitors to suggest them prices for their different products which would bring them more buyers and profits too.
  • Our professionals combined their expertise with automated tools to get an idea of the current market condition of sports accessories. Based on the report, we suggested competitive rates that would make their products an instant hit in the market.
  • The rates that we suggested were surely going to fetch the client what they were looking for. Along with it, we also optimized the listings for our client to ensure that their store also tops the rankings.
  • We also created a category for the best-selling products for our client which were doing great business at their current rates.
  • Thanks to our team of professionals, we were able to finish the project within the given timeframe.


The old products, along with the new sports accessories, were faring very well in the market at the rates fixed as per our competitor analysis report. Seeing our team’s proficiency and commitment to the timeframe, the client now also wishes us to edit product images of their Amazon webstore.

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QuikTek helped me in the hour of need. We were unable to increase the sale of our products owing to some pricing issues. This is where QuikTek professionals stepped in. They analyzed our competitors’ prices and shared with us their suggestions to improve pricing, thus helping us boost sales and increase profits.

I am really grateful to QuikTek!
-- Joseph Berthier
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