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Hire eBay VA for eBay Inventory Management Services

An eBay virtual assistant can step in and save the day, if you are tired of updating and uploading your products on eBay and managing several other day-to-day activities all by yourself. Hire QuikTek's team of professional eBay Virtual Assistants (VAs) to entrust them with the task of routine eBay maintenance so that you can focus on the core business activities and work towards achieving your primary targets.

At QuikTek, we have a team of accountable eBay virtual assistants with specialization in handling the routine eBay store activities like:

  • eBay Customer Support
  • eBay Shipping Details Management
  • And several other Administrative and Technical tasks

Before beginning with an eBay store maintenance project, we conduct an orientation program to give a brief about our client's business and needs to the team of eBay virtual assistants, thereby ensuring optimum efficiency and productivity.

The first thing we do when we get down to eBay store maintenance is to adjust the work schedule of our dedicated team of offshore eBay virtual assistants to match the time zone and working hours of our clients. The team is supervised by a project manager who not only acts as a single point of contact and provides daily updates on the progress of the project, but also ensures that every eBay virtual assistant assigned to your project gives their best.

Hiring eBay Virtual Assistants - Our Advantages

  • Competent and experienced professionals
  • Hire eBay VA at a fixed monthly cost with no hidden fees
  • Option to scale up the operations
  • Substantial cost savings
  • Efficient contact support through Skype, phone and email

To learn more about hiring our eBay virtual assistants, kindly get in touch with us at mail@quiktekinfo.com.

eBay Virtual Assistant - Case in Point

Client: An eBay retailer, selling baby products

Objective: The client wanted our virtual assistants to manage the inventory and listings of their eBay store so that they could focus on achieving their primary business goals.

Challenges: eBay Store Maintenance / Management Requirements Given By Client

  • Managing unorganized product listings with over 10,000 SKUs
  • Creating listings for the updated products
  • The client also wanted us to provide eBay customer support to answer around 700 queries per day.
  • Every eBay virtual assistant working on the project had to ensure that the eBay store of the client recovered quickly from its then state of unorganized inventory management and poor customer support.

Solutions: eBay Store Management Services Offered by QuikTek

As the client wanted us to manage the products listings and provide eBay customer support, we built two different teams comprising professionals who excelled at their respective crafts. Both the teams were explained about the client's needs and goals within a day of the starting of the project.

The first team comprising eBay listing management professionals devised a strategy to complete at least 500 SKUs in a day along with the updated products. The second team, by coordinating with the client's sales department and the courier company, responded to all the queries as soon as the customers sent one.

Result: Outcome Of Our eBay Inventory Management Services

The client now boasts of well-organized product and inventory eBay listings and an efficient customer support system. Thanks to the rather quick response offered by our eBay customer support professionals, the client has also seen a reduction in the level of order cancellations and the count of daily queries.

If you are also finding it difficult to manage the inventory and could use eBay inventory management services, need help updating the order information, and have rightly identified the need to leave other routine eBay store activities to experts, hire our eBay virtual assistants to ease up your workload and achieve better results. To ask for a free quote, kindly get in touch with us.

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The best thing about QuikTek is their ability to tailor the solutions as per one’s business needs and deliver the project in quick turnaround times. This is why we decided to hire QuikTek’s team of eBay Virtual Assistants. They worked day in and day out to manage our product inventory and ensure that it is up-to-date.

My investment is paying off and I am certain that yours will too! I highly recommend them to you!
-- Larry Mendoza
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