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Amazon Sponsored Ads Management

Amazon Sponsored Ads Management

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Brand visibility drives sales in the hotly contested Amazon marketplace. QuikTek Info's Amazon Ad Management services will bring sponsored ads to your prospects all over your storefront and beyond.

We will run PPC campaigns in all formats, backed by a solid marketing strategy that emphasizes your brand's USP. This cross-platform advantage will increase your CTR, thereby increasing your ROI and bringing down your ACoS.

How We Support Your PPC Amazon Efforts

Amazon provides its sellers and vendors a wide horizon to market their products. Your organic Amazon store marketing needs will be handled by multiple Amazon seller/vendor services such as product description writing, product page SEO, keyword search and insertion, appropriate images, etc.

However, no matter how well all of the above is executed, the competition in the marketplace will require you to push your marketing efforts further. You'll need to add paid advertising with the help of an Amazon PPC agency to the mix as well to drive traffic to your seller site.

Amazon PPC is the advertising platform that lets you generate and post ads of various types to improve sales. You, as an advertiser, will pay a certain amount of fee to have Amazon run your ads that will be paid whenever a customer clicks on it.

A well-managed ad campaign is proven to drive seller/vendor sites and product sales. Thus, it is commonplace for a seller/vendor to conduct many themselves. But, there is a chance that you’ll lose your investment here due to poor strategy development and deployment. We, as your Amazon PPC agency, will ensure that won’t be the case for you.

With us handling your sponsored ads, you’ll be able to:

Benefits of Amazon PPC Management Agency

Our PPC Amazon services are designed to extract the maximum out of your marketing budget and beat the competition. They will design ads using the latest technological tools so that your ads will remain relevant. We will carefully develop a PPC plan taking into account your business goals, present status, brand ideals, target audience, and other criteria that you layout.

We will execute this PPC campaign in a timely and cost-effective manner to minimize overheads and increase brand visibility. We will take care to make your ads appear on Amazon’s own search results page and that of other search engines as well.

These ads developed by our Amazon sponsored ad management will be optimized to suit the demands of the respective ad spaces to prevent rejection and elevate the ads’ position in the ranks.

How Our PPC Management Services Work For Your Amazon Store

Amazon PPC Auction Actions That Improve Your Market Traction

Amazon’s PPC ad services work on a bidding model. You have to compete with your competitors by submitting your ad and bidding for its placement. Everyone submits a default bid for an ad spot, keyword, and targeted ASIN.

Amazon PPC Ad Auction

The process from then on is simple: if you win, you’ll have to pay an amount that’s higher than the next bidder as your cost-per-click fee. While the process is simple, its execution in real-time is very challenging.

It is easy to lose sight of your time and budget while you bid away. If it is not planned ahead and if your ads don’t contain the things that will make customers want to click on them, you will lose money. It may cause you to bid less frequently, also affecting brand visibility and trust. You can mitigate these issues by having us as your Amazon PPC management agency.

We’ll design and curate ads with elements that are known to bring in the traffic like price, image, text, etc. We will bid for keywords that are top-performing in the category to give your ad the best chance at algorithmic recognition.

Our ad campaign will be the result of a meticulously planned and executed strategy that takes into account the present and possible dynamics of the bidding process.

We will time our bids to yield the maximum chances of a win and customer click. Such repeated successful bids will increase your product pages’ traffic inflow. Your new and recurring customers will be exposed to your brand repeatedly, improving visibility and retention.

Thus, our Amazon PPC management will extract the true value from your ad campaign to bolster your Return on Investment (ROI). Our low prices, combined with lower bids due to optimized strategy, will keep your ACoS low as well.

Astute Amazon Sponsored Ads Management

Bring your customers directly to the page of the product they are looking for with sponsored products ads. These are keyword and ASIN-based target ads that let you promote individual products.

They function similar to Google Adwords, placing your product ads within Amazon search results and product detail pages. These types of ads are the most popular type of ads because they give visitors what they want instantly.

QuikTek Info’s Amazon sponsored ad management lays great emphasis on this type of ad as a result. We will collaborate with you to give select products of yours the sales boost they need through targeted sponsored product ad development and implementation. We make sure that they will show up in prime locations on search results pages and ad carousels prominently.

We will use the most flattering image of your product to make the ad alluring. We will attach the price point that best nets you profits while being low enough to keep the competition away. We can even help you decide the price with our price determination strategies, part of our eCommerce services.

With our Amazon sponsored ads management, your sponsored product ads will take to the limelight, along with sponsored display ads and sponsored brand ads. They’ll provide a direct path for your customers to get through to your products without you having to wait for them to end up there with organic search. By doing so, they’ll open up a direct path to your desired revenue figures and profit margins.

Multimedia PPC Amazon Ads Across Multiple Platforms

The internet provides marketing opportunities for your products across several platforms. Many of these platforms are also capable of displaying ads across media formats, further expanding marketing effectiveness.

As your Amazon PPC agency, we will ensure your business makes the greatest gains by advertising on all of them. And we will tailor those ads for each so that they will have a maximum impact everywhere.

Along with our efforts towards ad management for Amazon’s product search, we will work on promotion via other search engines too. Advertising campaigns will be set up using Google ads, Bing, Yahoo, and any other search engine you require. The ads will be altered to work best for each platform’s algorithms, with carefully chosen image format and size, text, graphics, programming language, etc.

Our Amazon PPC management services’ social media marketing efforts will always be on-point regardless of the platform used. We will develop ads for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube, and LinkedIn. The ads will be platform-centric, meaning Instagram ads will be image focussed, Youtube ads video-focused, while Facebook ads will be a mixture of all.

Amazon PPC Ads promotion across Multiple Platforms by QuikTek Info

There is also the option to go with still-image and dynamic banners for third-party application-based ads. These will be clickable, functioning similar to Amazon-based ads, leading customers to your product page. You can choose Google Ad services or another of your choice for the purpose.

The SEO will be implemented for each accordingly by our Amazon ad management. The keywords selection occurs after searching for their performance on the respective platforms. The ads will be developed to work well across devices, especially mobile for smooth multi-device performance. This ensures customer interest and increases CTR along with conversion rates.

Data-Driven Expert Amazon PPC Management Strategy Development

Customer data drives enterprises of all sizes and niches today. Your Amazon advertising campaigns will fizzle out if you shoot in the dark and hope to catch customers randomly. With our Amazon PPC management, your ad campaigns will not just be developed using market data but also executed based on it.

We will collate the required customer data by parsing through your database for customer search and purchase history. We will create an average customer profile for your brand based on those details.

At the same time, our experts will be on the lookout for the latest trends on Amazon and elsewhere. The data gathered about it will be combined with your customer data to provide the necessary foundation for developing a bespoke marketing strategy.

As your Amazon PPC management agency, we will be aware of your allocated budget for the campaign. The strategy we develop will include budget constraints too. Your unique business goals come into play as well, with us going through your history to see what will work best for you.

We will use sophisticated AI/ML technology to create market prediction models for better future market condition prediction. Competitor analysis provides the necessary information on the present actions of your rivals and possible future ones. Those will get factored into the strategy development process as well.

Data Driven Strategy for Amazon PPC by QuikTek Info

As a result, every ad by our Amazon PPC management services turns into a sharp tool that chips away at the competition and carves out the customer from the field. They will get exactly what they're looking for, and you’ll get the sales and more customer data. We use both automated and manual ad campaigns, with the automated one leading the way.

Once that data has been gathered, we will work on the manual campaigns for quicker, cheaper, and more profitable results. We are adopters of Amazon’s new Attribution model that allows sellers and vendors to gauge the impact their ad campaigns are having.

We will look at your PPC Amazon display ads, search-based ones, and those on video portals to learn about your customer’s shopping behavior. It tells the methods they deploy to search for, discover, research, and ultimately, purchase your products.

With such large amounts of valuable customer and business performance data, we can design not just impactful ad campaigns but also stunning A+ content. Everything from product description to the visual and auditory elements of the page can be enhanced for increased sales figures.

The PPC Amazon Service That Transforms Your eCommerce Business Into An Economic Powerhouse

Advertising has always been the go-to method to get the word of a brand across. The right ad by an Amazon PPC agency in the right place and right time can bring in a flood of customers and sales.

QuikTek Info is the agency that will create the fertile environment for such a flurry of virtual footfalls to your online store. Our use of the best practices in the development and deployment of your Amazon PPC ads will have a transformational effect on your ROI and ACoS.

We adopt the following measures to give you the revenue rise from your Amazon business you desire:

Amazon PPC Management Strategy and Measures

  • Account Review and Audit

    We take stock of the present status of your account and determine how effective it is in acting as a promotional tool by itself. Our Amazon PPC management’s account audit checklist looks into the marketing value proposition of your present storefront.

    It also checks the product descriptions, listing type, product quantity, presence of marketing material on the pages like ads and links to products, etc., for the same.

    We also ensure that your account details are accurate so that you won’t face any issues like bans. Your payment gateway and management setup get reviewed as well for correct functioning and accuracy. Shortcomings will be identified and rectified asap to prevent them from interfering with your sales.

  • Preliminary Market Research

    Going blind into the market with an ad campaign is sure to end in disaster. As a full-fledged Amazon PPC management agency, we conduct market research as well to better understand your target audience.

    The data hence collected about their geography, behavior, psychographics, and demographic factors get analyzed to produce the foundational reports to develop your business market strategy.

    We also add competitor research data into the mix for a better market picture. We will remain vigilant for any new opportunity on the horizon to expand your business. It helps discover a potentially new target market and a never-before-available opportunity for growth.

    We make sure to refresh the data to keep your ad campaigns relevant and profitable.

  • Marketing Strategy Evaluation/Development

    We undertake a complete review of your present marketing strategy for your Amazon business. Our Amazon sponsored Ads management team gets into the intricacies of your business objectives and compares the feasibility of your marketing approach in achieving them.

    From the brand logo and theme used for the presentation of the storefront to the keywords used in your social media campaigns, everything gets evaluated for effectiveness. Then comes the optimization phase, where we make the necessary alterations to give your ad campaign a quick boost.

    In case you are starting fresh, don’t have a marketing plan, and don’t know how to formulate one, we’ve got you covered. Our Amazon ad management professionals are adept at translating your business objectives into a robust marketing campaign.

    It will be replete with everything you need to stand out of the crowd and attract the kind of customers you want to your store. And it will be designed to maximize conversions from those visitors too.

    You can be sure of gaining the maximum returns on your marketing investment. With their thorough knowledge about the nuances of working the platform’s ad mechanism, our PPC Amazon experts will cut down on your Advertising Cost of Sale too.

  • Appealing Ad Content Creation

    Product and brand ads that stand out bring in the traffic that drives sales. The more creative and appealing the ad, the better the chances of the onlooker becoming a customer through it.

    Sometimes, you need it to be elaborate and sophisticated, while other times, as simple as can be. Getting the choice of either or both right for the campaign segment is what determines its success. And that is something we deliver with excellence.

    Our Amazon PPC management services can create any format of ad you require for your campaign. You can have altered product images that suit any type of ad style without diminishing the product’s appeal. We can create short videos and animation to showcase your product’s features in a nutshell in running ads.

    We will fill your product pages with A+ enhanced content that tells your brand story while making a compelling case for the product’s purchase. We will add chosen keywords to push your ad up the SERPs and rankings elsewhere too.

    We aim to be the Amazon PPC management agency that realizes the goal of capturing the attention of a potential customer. It won’t matter where they may be searching for a product you sell.

  • Campaign Data Collection and Analysis

    It is not enough to develop and charge ahead with an ad campaign. The strategy must be monitored for its effectiveness, and that is what we deliver. We constantly collect data about the performance of the ads with KPIs.

    The most common indicators we consider are Click-Through-Rate (CTR), bounce rate, time spent on ad and product pages, frequency of successful bids, etc. Once collected, the data will be cleaned and processed by our Amazon PPC ad management experts to understand the effectiveness of the strategy.

    Any deficiencies found will be addressed on a priority basis to keep up with the competition.

    All data will be collated and turned into appealing and comprehensive reports for better clarity about your ad and business performance. Assistance for improved operational strategy based on the results is also available. For you, it means enhanced operations with a better-optimized ad campaign strategy implementation.

The Benefits Of Having Us As Your Amazon PPC Management Agency

  • Lowered Costs

    Our services will keep your operating costs in check as they are always available at fair prices. You needn’t wonder about your accounting numbers. Nor will you need to be tense about having enough budget to add the necessary inventory for the upcoming holiday season. Your returns will be high as we strive to keep your ACoS low.

  • Quick Time To Market

    Beat the competition to reach your customer first. We always finish our work on time wrt your project, giving you a head start in the marketplace. The speed of work, however, doesn’t mean a compromise on the quality of our Amazon PPC management services. Neither is the scale of the operation a factor in our delivery times.

  • Tech Advantage

    The technological tools that help create the wonders your customers notice on your online store pages continue to evolve. We ensure that we remain in line with those changes.

    We train our personnel to be able to operate the updated technologies we want to use for your project. The use of such cutting-edge tech is with the intent to give your marketing campaign the edge.

    From image and graphics to video and web page development, everything will be created using the best respective tools. Your PPC Amazon marketing items will remain in vogue and utilize most of what technology has to offer in the space.

  • Reclaimed Time

    The more you diversify your attention in your Amazon business, the less you have for each. Maximum focus on a limited number of agenda items is what helps you run your business smoothly.

    By outsourcing your PPC management to us, you can do that. We will take over your Amazon ad management requirements so that you can concentrate on your core business work.

  • Increased Sales and ROI

    Our ad campaigns are data and customer-driven. Hence they are bound to give results. That increase in sales is a guarantee we offer to every client. With increased sales comes increased revenue. That means our services will keep your return on investment soaring high.

    Your ACoS getting lowered will also contribute to the increased ROI. As an experienced Amazon PPC agency, we place the most rewarding bids at the best times and costs.

    It reduces your advertising spend for every product, bringing down the overall amount spent on it. The increased sales distribute the cost, improving profitability on every product unit sold.

  • Supportive Customer Service

    Outsourcing your PPC management requirements for your Amazon store to us is a collaborative experience. We work according to your business objectives and schedules. We remain in touch constantly throughout the process to facilitate better communication about the project.

    If required, our experts will guide you through the entire PPC process. We have professionals beyond the Amazon sponsored ad management sphere, working on several other aspects of an online business.

    Everyone is on call for when you need them. Our customer service executives are always available to clear your doubt about anything and everything on Amazon PPC.

Outsource Your PPC Amazon Needs To Us

Gain great returns on your investments, lower your ACoS, improve brand image, visibility, and outreach. We will cover every Amazon PPC need and more. Contact us, and we will get right back. You can email us at or call us at +44 203 514 2601 | +1 585 283 0055.


How is ACoS calculated?

The Advertising Cost of Sales shows the money spent to advertise a product and compares it to the sales of that product. The formula used is 100 ([total amt. Spent] / [Total sales]). We automate the process so that you’ll get real-time figures of the same.

When and where should Amazon sponsored banner ads be used?

Banner ads are useful when you have to display ads for more than one product in a spot. They also help showcase a product's features, or grab attention using a wide area of the webpage. The dynamic nature of modern banners always grabs the viewer’s attention, increasing the CTR.

How long does it take for my Amazon PPC ads to get displayed?

There is a lot of variation between the automated and manual ads on Amazon. The automated ones will begin to get impressions and traction in a matter of days. The manual ones will take up to 8 weeks on average to see the light of day. It is due to the changes made by Amazon in 2018 when campaigns would be visible in 2-4 weeks.

What’s the optimal runtime for an Amazon PPC campaign?

The recommended duration of a PPC ad campaign runtime on Amazon is a minimum of three months. It is required to get the intended ROI from different ad-types used. PPC works best as a promotional mechanism for short duration requirements like a sale, promotion, or a quick traffic boost.


We greatly appreciate QuikTek’s ability to optimize our Amazon product listings and helping us enhance our presence on the marketplace. The professionals worked round the clock as an extension of our in-house team and tailored the solutions, which helped us double the traffic from a year ago.

We appreciate your efforts and hard work in helping us increase sale of our products.
-- Aldred Thompson
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