eBay Competitor Analysis Services

Competitor Analysis Services

At QuikTek, we help you in positioning yourself as a competitive eBay retailer through our in-depth competitor analysis services. We monitor your competitors’ grip on the market, their strengths and weaknesses, impediments present in the market, and the latest strategies that can help you improve your position.

QuikTek’s professionals have over a decade and a half of experience in tracking competitor prices for eBay retailers across various categories like Fashion Apparels and Accessories, Electronics, Sports, Home Furnishings, Baby Products, and several others. We use a combination of automated and manual methods to track down your competitors’ pricing strategy and assist you in formulating a robust and competitive strategy for pricing your products.

Our competitor price monitoring services are aimed at ensuring competitive pricing of your products and greater sales and revenue for you. For a free trial on our eBay competitor analysis services, kindly write to us at mail@quiktekinfo.com.

Case in Point

Client: eBay Retailer Selling Clothing and Fashion Accessories

Objective: Competitor analysis to price the products at rates that could place the client ahead of their competition

  • Accurate tracking and analysis of competitors’ price listing
  • Listing the products in the correct category
  • The client also wanted to introduce a new line of clothes which meant that in addition to finding the price of over 5000 SKUs, we also had to suggest to the client the proper pricing for their new line of clothes.
  • We were asked to prepare an analysis report of products from the top 30 competitors of our client in a period of 90 days.

Solutions Offered by QuikTek:

Although the deadline given was a little tight, we were at our best when it came to preparing a competitor and market research analysis report. After getting the sales data of the competitors, we categorized and broke down the sales figure into the number of units sold and the total number of sales per SKU, brand, size, and colour. We then identified the lowest eBay price listing using automated tools and to further ensure the accuracy of the analysis report, we employed our professionals to cross-check the results manually. We then discussed the analysis report with the client to give an overview of the current market conditions and formulate a pricing strategy as per the report. The client was contented with the report and decided the final prices of the products in tandem with our experts. All this was done within the period of 90 days.


Our professionals did not miss out on any of the items in the SKU while preparing the competitors analysis report. As a result of which, all the products of our client are competitively priced and are doing successful business on eBay along with the new line of clothes.

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The professionalism and commitment of QuikTek professionals is truly exceptional. They worked dedicatedly to help us monitor our competitors’ strategies so that we could gain an edge over them.

They presented us market research analysis report that enabled us to formulate a competitive pricing strategy. We are grateful to QuikTek for their assistance!
-- Christopher Delgado
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