Data Conversion Services

Unstructured data often hampers business operations and leads to spiraling storage cost. To help you deal with it, QuikTek offers data conversion services that involve converting unorganized data into a consistent, easy to access and the most suitable digital format. We use a combination of techniques to convert your hardcopy manuscripts into a powerful resource and make it easy for you to retrieve valuable business information, as and when required.

QuikTek brings together the expertise and experience that your company needs to complete data conversion quickly, effectively and efficiently. With our document conversion services, you can stay assured that your data is scrubbed, verified and loaded into the new system with 99.99% accuracy and zero data loss.

Document conversion services at QuikTek: Our capabilities

QuikTek specializes in importing and integrating data with your Content Management System (CMS), via applications like MS Excel, Access, Word Perfect, InDesign, etc. When you outsource data conversion services to us, our experts eliminate old, obsolete and redundant information, thus ensuring that data is accurate and can be accessed, managed and updated easily.

Why Outsource Data Conversion Services to QuikTek?

With our rich array of competitively priced data conversion services, we help you gain access to coherent and meaningful business information in a suitable digital format- anytime, anywhere. Our file format conversion services include:

  • HTML Conversion Services
  • XML Conversion Services
  • PDF Conversion Services
  • Document Conversion- MS Word, PowerPoint,
    Excel, TIFF, JPEG, etc.
  • eBook Conversion
  • SGML Conversion
  • Hard copy
  • Media Format

Why avail document conversion services from QuikTek?

QuikTek provides decision makers with the information they need in an appropriate format. Our data conversion services are designed to suit your business needs, irrespective of the industry domain you deal in. We work in tune with your requirements to deliver bespoke solutions in terms of accuracy, correctness and completeness. To safeguard your valuable business information, we strictly adhere to security protocols and maintain complete data security and confidentiality. We also carry out quality control and accuracy check to improve usability and accessibility of critical information.

To know more about our file format conversion services, kindly get in touch with us and we will get back to you shortly!

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We were looking for data conversion experts when someone recommended us QuikTek. And partnering with QuikTek proved to be really beneficial as the experts analyzed our business needs and tailored the solutions to cater to us.

Now, we have a well-managed and structured database that we can easily refer to while making strategic decisions. All thanks to QuikTek!
-- Joe Reed
Finance and Accounting firm