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Amazon Photo Editing - Amazon Photo Background Removal

Good product images can attract the visitors to your Amazon store, while the bad ones can easily ward them off. With world-class Amazon image editing services, we, at QuikTek, help ensure that the visitors not only come by, but also stay for a long while. Our Amazon photo editing experts are good at fixing the errors in the original images, if any, assuring your visitors that you have something good to offer, encouraging them to click, and eventually increasing the possibility of a conversion.

For nearly two decades now, QuikTek's Amazon photo editing professionals have been editing products images for retailers selling jewelry, apparels, furniture, electronic items, clothing and accessories, and several other products. As part of our Amazon photo editing services, we undertake:

  • Removal of major and minor flaws
  • Creation of uniform lighting effects
  • Removal / addition of watermark
  • Amazon photo resizing as per standards
  • Harmonization of color and contrast
  • Amazon photo background removal and/or addition
  • Amazon photo retouching
  • Correction of product perspective
  • Cropping of Images, and a lot more.

When we edit images, we make sure that they turn out to be enticing enough to grab the visitors' attention instantly. To ask us for a free quote on our Amazon photo editing services, kindly get in touch with us.

Amazon Photo Editing - Our Advantages

  • No language and/or time-zone barriers.
  • Image editing services available for all types of products, and for any volume. Outsource Amazon bulk image editing or reach out to us for a smaller requirement.
  • All-inclusive services. Right from Amazon photo background removal to resizing and color correction.
  • Every editing project is undertaken in tandem with Amazon's periodically updated image standards and/or guidelines.

Amazon Photo Editing - Case in Point

Client: US-based Amazon retailer of jewelry and watches

Objective: Attract more visitors to the store with flawless product photos

Challenges: Amazon Photo Editing Requirements Given by The Client

  • Editing, retouching, and re-sizing around 1200 images every day to ensure completion of over 35,000 product photos within a month.
  • The product photos had mixed lighting effects and lacked sharpness.
  • We had to ensure that all the images were re-sized and edited as per Amazon's standards.
  • We had to allocate two teams, working in day and night shifts, to complete the project within the deadline.

Solutions: Amazon Image Editing Services Offered by QuikTek

  • We built two teams comprising 15 experienced photo editors, holding expertise in Amazon photo retouching, editing, and resizing, and agile enough to ensure rapid completion of the project. A project manager was also employed to provide unceasing support and updates to our client.
  • To ensure that the client can easily upload unprocessed images and download the processed images post Amazon photo editing, we shared the FTP login details with them.
  • The lighting effects were harmonized and the lack of sharpness was given the due attention.
  • The edited images also featured a watermark logo of our client's store, preventing piracy of the product images.
  • All processed images conformed to Amazon's standards.
  • The images turned blurry whenever a visitor zoomed in to see the details. As part of our Amazon photo editing services, we made it a point to resolve this issue as well.

Result: Outcome Of Our Amazon Image Editing / Retouching / Resizing Services

After we were done rendering our Amazon image editing services, the amount of traffic to our client's store grew by 115% within the first few days of the processed images going live.

For any further queries on our Amazon photo editing services, please write to us at

Amazon Photo Editing Services - Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will you take to edit photos?

We usually take 3-4 days to finalize the process of Amazon photo editing. However, this might vary according to the number of photos and editing complexity. To get an exact estimate, contact us with your requirements.

How many images can I upload on Amazon?

As per Amazon guidelines, you can add up to 9 images to a product listing (along with one primary image).

Why is Amazon photo editing important?

By editing your product images, you can leverage several benefits.

  • Get clear, professional-looking product images
  • Provide a detailed view of your product to the consumer
  • Engage buyers with visually appealing, realistic images
  • Increase sales and conversions
  • Reduce the chances of cart abandonment
  • Assist consumers in making informed purchase decisions
  • Gain positive reviews and ratings

How will I share my images for Amazon photo editing?

You can share the images via:

  • Dropbox
  • WeTransfer
  • Email
  • FTP

To know more, get in touch with our experts at +44 203 514 2601, +1 585 283 0055.

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Photo editors at QuikTek did a marvelous job of editing our product images and bringing out their true essence. We sent them 120,000 images of the newly-launched products and they delivered the project within a quick turnaround time.

I recommend them to anyone who is looking for friendly professionals and top-notch quality of work at affordable prices!
-- Cyrille Gray
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