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Amazon is by a huge margin the biggest name in eCommerce the world over. It didn’t become that way by just having great products. It put a lot of emphasis on marketing its brand to customers and sellers alike, targeting their needs and appealing to them with their respective offerings. Such concerted and consistent efforts over the years have made it the behemoth it is today. That name and fame, however, doesn’t guarantee good returns on your Amazon seller/vendor business on its marketplace. You’d need an Amazon marketing agency to do the brand building and word-spreading about your business as well.

Your Amazon business venture needs a strong marketing strategy to go with the amazing products you’re selling through it. Otherwise, your presence will likely remain unknown in the market and you’ll lose ground to your competition, eventually having to go under. Amazon marketplace’s popularity is both a boon and a bane to those choosing to sell on it, depending on whether they have taken the help of an Amazon marketing company like QuikTek Info Services. The platform gives your business the right foundation and opportunities to develop and grow, opening up a sea of potential customers that you’d have had to spend a fortune to acquire. You can ride the wave of Amazon’s ever-increasing popularity, reach, and brand value to improve your own business.

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The downside of that popularity is that you’re faced with many others like you who want to get ahead and increase their market share. Without the correct amount and type of thrust to your brand name expansion efforts by a quality Amazon advertising agency, you’ll risk ignorance about your business/products among your target customer base. Relying on organic, word of mouth branding isn’t an option either as the competition will be too quick, and establishing brand trust that way takes a very long time, something you won’t have.

The solution is to go with robust, customized, and affordable marketing efforts developed and executed by our experts here at QuikTek Info Services. We are an Amazon agency that knows what tastes your potential customers may possess when it comes to their eCommerce purchasing behavior and will tailor your bespoke Amazon business marketing strategy accordingly. We bring our A game to our Amazon marketing efforts to amaze and attract leads that eventually will convert to sales, converting your brand name into one that is visible, memorable, and profitable.

QuikTek Info’s Amazon Marketing Service: The Many Ways We Spread The Word About You

Pushing through the competition on Amazon marketplace to improve your Amazon business’s brand name, image, and presence is no small feat. With QuikTek Info’s help though, you will be set up for success on this front. Our Amazon marketing services are multi-pronged and exhaustive, covering every sphere of marketing your business will need to not just stay relevant in the minds of your customers but also improve its image there. We also do the necessary to bring the word about your brand to new market segments, tweaking present and future strategies for the best results. It is what makes us the Amazon advertising agency of choice for so many.

Your Amazon venture will require numerous marketing-related processes to make it work. It is likely that you won’t be equipped to perform those tasks, and/or they will be a burden alongside being necessary due to the time, cost, and other ingredients. It is with the awareness and desire to take over the responsibility of these marketing requirements of yours, and produce excellent ROI results that we have created our Amazon advertising services.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s available to you under that umbrella:

  • Product Description and Title Writing

    Those intending to buy your products will be introduced to them by the means of the product page’s title briefly elaborating on it. The product description that follows it further informs them about the various features and attributes. Thus, these two combined act as a sort of brand ambassadors of the product and of your brand too. You therefore need to focus on maximizing this facet of theirs to rake in more leads and conversions.

    We, as an experienced Amazon marketing company, will write titles and product descriptions to perform that function to the fullest. We’ll search and analyze for the most impactful keywords that will work for such textual matter, and use them appropriately for maximum SEO impact. We’ll also add our creative touch everywhere possible so that your customers will be treated to something that’ll engage their minds and emotions and not just be a bland string of words containing mere facts about the product.

    We, as your committed Amazon advertising agency, will adhere to Amazon’s content regulations, such as the 200 character limit for titles, to prevent your content from getting flagged and restricted, affecting your brand image in the process. And we’ll tailor the content such that it’ll be appealing to search algorithms everywhere for good ranking, be it Amazon’s A9 algorithm or Google’s. Thus, when we write descriptions and titles for your products, we’ll make sure that customers and algorithms can find what they want easily, in turn leading to better brand visibility, reach, and trust for you.

  • SEO Audit and Alteration

    Search engines are behind much of the internet’s traffic. And we’ll be the Amazon marketing agency that can steer relevant portions of that traffic towards your product pages with our impeccable Search Engine Optimization operations. We will help leverage the massive opportunities search engines have to offer for your brand’s marketing efforts by evaluating how well adapted your present content is for that purpose via our detailed and rigorous SEO audit process.

    Your product description, title, and images will be checked for keyword placement and frequency, quality of keywords used, breakdown of content into relevant headings and categories, content regulation compliance of both Amazon and external search engines, relevance, etc., to determine how well adapted they are to rank high in search result pages.

    Our marketing services Amazon SEO experts will then devise the best actions to overcome any deficiencies found during that analysis, and implement them at the earliest to give a boost to your search engine-based marketing efforts. You’ll also be presented with periodic reports on the performance of the adopted SEO measures so that you can alter them according to the circumstances along with our inputs.

    If you instead want us as your Amazon agency that helps with the creation of new content that’s SEO friendly to the best possible extent, we’ve got you covered. We’ll audit your marketing content strategy from its inception stage itself, guiding it towards realizing its full SEM potential to grow organic traffic to your product pages. We’ll also involve technical SEO wherever possible so that you won’t get left out in that aspect when your pages get discovered and indexed by the algorithms.

  • Advertising

    Getting customer traffic the organic route through their random searches for relevant products is a great way to build brand visibility and image. But that shouldn’t be the only way. With us as your Amazon advertising agency, you can couple your organic traffic growth with that from active advertisements, leading to much bigger gains.

    eCommerce is driven by everything online, that includes advertising. To help your Amazon business utilize the full potential of digital marketing, we’ll generate ad content that works with your overall branding strategy and ensure that it gets presented to customers on every digital marketing medium. We’ll create social media accounts and pages to promote your brand’s vision and improve engagement with past, present, and future customers.

    Our Amazon marketing service will advertise promotional campaigns of yours on all applicable ad platforms to draw more customers. We’ll run PPC ads on search engines, third-party apps, and elsewhere that’s short, cost-effective, and impactful. We’ll research and connect with influencers who can push your products to and improve your brand image among their base with affiliate marketing. And we’ll help you decide on the best way to incentivize your referral marketing efforts.

    We are an Amazon marketing agency that’s also fully capable of running ad campaigns via traditional media like outdoor banner and billboard advertisements, radio and TV commercials, and newspapers/leaflets. Our ad experts will add the most influential content in these ads, including the creation of jingles for radio and video ads, text and image for static ads, and more to give your brand name every bit of visibility it can get.

  • Amazon Storefront Branding

    Amazon provides the ideal platform for small and medium-sized businesses to startup and grow via its marketplace. It introduced Storefront for the same in 2018, and we’ve got the Amazon advertising services that can help your storefront go big on its branding, and eventually, size as well.

    We will turn your exclusive storefront section into a bustling hotspot for online purchases by making it eye-catching and alluring. We’ll accomplish this with the addition of textual and image content that props up your brand at every turn and is in tune with your brand’s overall color scheme and theme.

    We have the expertise as an established Amazon marketing company to work on the background and layout of your Amazon A+ page to truly make it stand out of the crowd so that visitors will know it's yours the instant they land on it or notice it elsewhere. We’ll meticulously select the position of your products on these pages for maximum exposure in the quickest time. We’ll add high-end edits to your product photos and perform EBC design and development to give your storefront the brand polish it needs.

  • Review and Feedback Management

    Product reviews and feedback by customers on the site and elsewhere aren’t just avenues for them to vent their frustrations with the product/seller service-they are often underutilized marketing opportunities that we as your Amazon agency will give you the full benefit of. Our customer relationship experts will engage with those leaving feedback on your product pages and on social media regularly.

    If the feedback is negative, we’ll investigate the reason for the issue and help solve your customers’ issues. We’ll initiate the necessary return or refund procedure as required. We’ll also engage with those giving positive reviews to increase their brand association. Our Amazon marketing service will do this to promote brand trust and loyalty while also increasing the chances of positive reviews, which in turn can improve ranking on the site, leading to more business.

  • Analytics and Reporting

    Only that which can be measured can be worked upon towards its improvement. And in the case of an Amazon business, there are plenty of things that need to be measured to have the clearest picture about it. QuikTek marketing services Amazon goes into every one of those aspects and collects valuable data that matters to you. We establish the KPIs to be monitored for the purpose of monitoring the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and that of your business in general.

    We will perform data analytics on all of the collected data using the latest in analytics technology and experts who are proficient and experienced at it. The results of the analysis will be presented to you in the form of detailed and comprehensive reports that will contain data visualization for quick and easy information consumption.

    The reports generated by us as your supportive Amazon advertising agency will provide insights you need to understand the status of things like Return on Ad Spend (RoAS), Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS), PPC, items per sale, reviews, sales over time, listing optimization, and customer satisfaction. They will make it easy for you to take the decisions to further grow your business.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Overcoming the challenges posed by your Amazon business competition is an inevitable part of being a seller on the platform. For that, you’ll need all the advantages that you can have. We will be your Amazon marketing company who’ll provide you those advantages by means of our in-depth competitor analysis.

    We’ll analyze the behavior of your competitors, particularly their marketing strategies, and compare them with yours. Any deficiencies will be made up for when devising or revising your marketing strategy for greater impact and improved ROI. We’ll even scan their product listings to determine favorable and trending products that could help your business as well. And we’ll conduct market surveys to determine popular products that could help you get the edge by listing them before your competitors.

  • Product Pricing and Testing

    Price, by a long shot, determines whether your product gets sold or not. Our Amazon marketing service will conduct pricing strategy review and testing to give you the number that’ll continue to give you profits while keeping it lower than your competitors. We’ll combine our excellent competitor analysis with data from other factors influencing your business to calculate the most suitable price for your product and post the same while listing.

    The analysis and method of calculation will be revised constantly depending on changing business and market dynamics. We’ll help determine the best time and rate of discount to be given to help improve your brand’s popularity. As a full-fledged Amazon marketing agency, we’ll test these strategies in limited numbers before finalizing them for an extended period or permanently. With us by your side, your price points will aid in making you a household name for value addition while increasing your monetary value.

Why You Should Make Us Your Amazon Advertising Agency

With the Amazon marketplace brimming with opportunities to grow your entrepreneurial roots there, it’s essential to grab them at the earliest and nurture your business to its full potential. Accomplishing that requires not just your wholehearted participation but that of your customers’, and in droves. QuikTek Info Services will be the Amazon agency to send out compelling invites to your target audience for their participation in the form of our marketing efforts.

Our efforts will serve your goals best because we have taken care to make them world class, with the intention to make your entrepreneurial venture on Amazon world renowned. Our end-to-end Amazon support services that include our marketing services cover your every requirement to not only have your business up and running but also thriving in the highly competitive environment that is the Amazon marketplace.

When you outsource your Amazon marketing service needs to us, you’ll get the advantages of:

  • Lowered costs
  • Quick Time To Market
  • Expanded Brand Visibility
  • Appealing Product Description Imagery
  • High ROI on marketing investment
  • Robust marketing and business strategy
  • Increased CTR and lowered bounce rates
  • Complete data security and privacy
  • Higher profit margins
  • Improved brand trust and loyalty

Together, they’ll serve as the vital force that’ll solidify your business in the present and make it future proof as well.

You can get these services from us by simply racing out to us on or on these numbers +1 585 283 0055 (US) / +44 203 514 2601 (UK). You could also let us know by filling out this contact us form on our website and we’ll get back to you quickly and get started on getting your brand on track to its deserved popularity.


What’s the best referral marketing options for my Amazon business? Referral marketing options are a great way to build your customer base for your Amazon business. Thus, we focus on giving the best referral program options for you by including a multitude of strategies. We’ll select the discount rate that'll work best for you and your customers and the duration of that sale period. We’ll study your customer base and their preferences and provide the most profitable product list suggestion that could bring in those new customers.
Can I get marketing services for multiple seller platforms as well? QuikTek Info’s industry-leading advertising services aren’t limited to Amazon alone. We provide our in-demand marketing services to sellers and vendors across platforms. You will experience the same benefits in every platform you’re selling your products in as we will customize our efforts to yield the best results on each. Our experts are aware of the specific criteria required to market on every one of the many eCommerce platforms, such as unique search algorithms they use and their applicable content regulations. The most common selling platforms we work on besides Amazon are eBay,, Sears, and Channeladvisor. We’ll discuss with you and explore the possibilities of providing our services on other seller platforms of your choice as well. Thus, you won’t have to go elsewhere for your needs.
How will you market my products on search platforms and other online channels? QuikTek Info Services is channel agnostic when it comes to creating ad campaigns for your products. We create product listing ad (PLA) campaigns for visitors to Google who could be searching for a product you’re selling. We’ll do the necessary to make your products pop-up in the search results page by taking both the organic and paid campaign route. We are adept at devising PPC ads that take up less of your budget and give more exposure to your brand across platforms, including social media pages and third-party apps. We’ll even select the most suitable partner for your affiliate program whose platforms will become your marketing channels, and their audience base, your potential customers. It will provide a rapid expansion method for your brand name, especially if you have it combined with a referral program.
What are the novel marketing options available on Amazon for sellers/vendors? QuikTek Info is a future-ready advertising company that is constantly updating itself to the newer technological facilities being made available on Amazon and elsewhere. We provide support for a number of novel advertising channels/techniques to better drive sales. Dynamic banner ads that change their content according to a customer’s preference to improve chances of sales is one such technology we use for your advertising needs. The other is carousel advertising, where we show a combination of two or more images, dynamic ads, videos, and other such material in a sliding banner format that the user can swipe at will or can leave to let it scroll automatically. Special discounts for specific customers based on their shopping or search history are also made available, including on platforms beyond Amazon. And we conduct it all in a safe and secure manner ensuring user data privacy.
What makes your marketing services a compelling choice? QuikTek Info Services is unknown industry wide for a reason and that is our wholehearted dedication towards giving our clients the best of eCommerce support services and delivering the returns on it as promised. Our experts are handpicked for their quality and experience in the field so you can rest assured knowing that your marketing needs are being met by competent professionals. We’re constantly innovating and adapting to the latest market trends to ensure that your business doesn’t fall behind the changing market tides. And we provide the same quality of service to newcomers as we do to top brands, so you can charge ahead in the market operating as well as they do. We are your one-size-fits-all solution for your Amazon marketing needs.
What will my Amazon sales funnel be like? A sales funnel is the route a customer takes from the point of being introduced to a product page of an item they are searching for online to eventually purchasing it. Amazon doesn’t come with its own sales funnel, which allows you to have your own, customized one. And we’ll go all out to create one for your product pages that will be focused on increasing impressions for your Amazon Storefront through targeted ad campaigns. Everything about the funnel will be about drawing in a viewer through many sources like organic searches, ads, etc., and increasing their time spent on the product pages, leading ultimately to making that purchase.
What’s Amazon ACoS, and what’s different between normal ACoS and blended ACoS? Amazon sellers must familiarize themselves with certain metrics pertaining to their business, one of which is Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS). Simply put, it is the total amount of money you spend on your ads divided by the total revenue you generate over a certain period. You could even go specific and figure out the ACoS of individual products. We’ll study the various factors influencing it and devise our marketing campaign to give you the best ACoS value possible i.e. 20% and below. We give you our reports based on blended ACoS, which is the value calculated by considering revenue from organic sales of your products as well, compared to normal one that considers only the sales revenue from products promoted directly from ad spend.

We greatly appreciate QuikTek’s ability to optimize our Amazon product listings and helping us enhance our presence on the marketplace. The professionals worked round the clock as an extension of our in-house team and tailored the solutions, which helped us double the traffic from a year ago.

We appreciate your efforts and hard work in helping us increase sale of our products.
-- Aldred Thompson
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