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Maximize Your Online Sales Through Result-Oriented Amazon Virtual Assistant Services

Skeptical about whether you should hire an Amazon VA or not? Well, let us clear the air for you!

Are you able to take out time to conduct your core business operations along with performing the routine Amazon store management and maintenance activities? If the answer to this question is affirmative, then it becomes imperative for you to Amazon VA service to a well-trained offshore service provider before your counterparts get ahead of you!

If your routine Amazon store tasks are hampering your focus on the primary business goal, it is time for you to reduce the burden and outsource the job to a dedicated offshore Amazon Virtual Assistant for increasing productivity with reduced resources and operational costs. Turn things in your favor by hiring an offshore partner who is well-versed with all the technicalities of managing an Amazon store.

QuikTek Info aims to handle the complex job of handling the entire Amazon store efficiently and without any hassles with a proficient team of Amazon VAs. Right from product data entry, bulk product upload, Amazon inventory management, product photo editing to order processing, we do it all! While you focus on accomplishing your respective business objectives, we will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Accomplish A To Z Tasks With Our Round-The-Clock Amazon VA Support

By outsourcing Amazon virtual assistant services to an offshore service provider, you don’t really have to indulge yourself in the store management processes. Instead, utilize the time to carry out the critical business activities. At QuikTek Info, we have an experienced team of professional Amazon virtual assistants that have been helping Amazon store owners across different categories, run their stores successfully without any hassles. Hire Amazon experts from us to get dedicated support round the clock. We have been serving a massive clientele spanning across the globe and specialize in the following:

  • Amazon VA for Listing Optimization

    Conducting in-depth keyword research, carrying out competition analysis, and crafting compelling content to boost product visibility and conversions

  • Amazon Virtual Assistant for Competitor Analysis

    Discovering the most profitable product categories through market trends analysis, frequent price comparisons, and so much more

  • Amazon VA for Customer Support

    Providing swift customer responses, resolving complaints, and addressing concerns pertaining to returns/refunds

  • VA for Amazon Order Tracking

    Maintaining a record of orders placed, managing orders fulfilled by FBA, processing refunds and returns, and handling escalations, if any

  • Amazon VA for Product Upload

    Uploading a single product or carrying out bulk product upload in real-time without any delay

  • VA for Amazon Product Search

    Rendering the opportunity to expand your Amazon store by exploring products and product categories that will yield more revenue

  • Amazon VA for Shipping Details Management

    Checking the entire shipment for completeness and quality, ensuring on-time delivery, periodic order tracking with our well-trained Amazon FBA managers

  • Amazon VA for Social Media Support

    Building social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or other platforms with our dedicated VAs by automating the taxing tasks viz. creating new posts, responding to customer queries and complaints, etc.

  • Amazon Experts for Administrative Tasks and Technical Support

    Taking care of all kinds of customer support and administrative duties - managing expenses, handling invoices, to boost business productivity and bottom line

Our Amazon specialists are available for work at your suitable time zone and intend to provide quality work right on time, that too within the stipulated time frame. Sticking to deadlines and providing regular updates on the progress of your project is what we have been doing without fail. We are always up for a quick chat or discussion about your concerns or replying to your queries. We have a dedicated project manager assigned to every project offering rather seamless virtual assistant services for Amazon.

How Our Amazon Virtual Assistant Services Are Different From Others

Want to know why our clients opt for our nonpareil Amazon Virtual Assistant services rather than our competition? Here’s why

  • Vast Experience in handling all kinds of Amazon store maintenance and management needs across different verticals
  • Round-The-Clock Amazon Support and Assistance for hassle-free store setup and management
  • Access To A Large Pool Of Skills and Technology
  • Customized Pricing Plans as per budget
  • Project completion within A Quick Turnaround Time
  • Focus On The Core Business Activities
  • Saving Upto 60% Operational Costs and minimizing the expenses pertaining to infrastructure, manpower, etc.

Amazon VAs - Case in Point

Client: An Amazon retailer selling men's clothing and accessories

Objective: To dedicatedly focus on devising new business strategies for boosted sales, without having to worry about store maintenance.

Challenges: Amazon Virtual Assistant Requirements Given By The Client

  • The client's store was falling apart due to divided attention. We had to ensure that the client could focus on devising new business strategies and beat their competitors, without worrying about store management.
  • Out of the 15,000 SKUs that we had to manage, half were not updated and had poor descriptions. As part of our Amazon virtual assistant services, we also had to conduct exhaustive product research to gather information from different sources and update the product descriptions.
  • And not just that, as their dedicated Amazon virtual assistants, our experts were also asked to provide customer support service to the clients.

Solutions: Amazon Virtual Assistant Services Offered By QuikTek

As the project involved multiple tasks, we formed different teams comprising professionals, knowledgeable in a particular task. Since we had undertaken a similar project in the past, we only had to conduct a short induction session of a few hours to give a briefing to the teams. As part of Amazon virtual assistant services, we offered the following solutions:

  • Our team of product description writers went the extra mile and gathered information from different sources including the manufacturers' websites to write crisp and informative descriptions.
  • Product availability was updated as well.
  • While researching for the product descriptions, our writers also found a few similar products in our client's store which were top-sellers at other places. So, we updated the top-selling products section too.
  • Customer inquiries regarding return and replacement policies, order delivery, product information, etc. were resolved quickly in coordination with the client's sales department and associate courier company.

Result: Outcome Of Our Amazon Virtual Assistant Services

As a result of combining the newly devised strategies with efficient store management services rendered by our Amazon virtual assistants, the sales figures of our client's store rose by 128%.

If you are on the lookout for a reliable offshore Amazon virtual assistant for your Amazon store who helps in increasing the growth potential, then you are at the right place! QuikTek Info specializes in executing foolproof strategies to bolster your store’s online presence and boost the bottom line.

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1. What Can An Amazon Virtual Assistant Do For My Amazon Store?


An Amazon Virtual Assistant can take care of all sorts of routine and time-consuming jobs including market research, product listing creation & optimization, Amazon SEO, order processing & fulfillment, competitor analysis, customer support, and so much more.


2. How should I hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant from QuikTek Info?


First of all, gain clarity on what tasks you need to accomplish for your Amazon store and specify the requirements in detail along with your preferred pricing plan, and deadline (if any). The next step is to hire a dedicated Amazon VA from us, performing the assigned tasks in the stipulated time frame.


3. What Is Your Ideal Turnaround Time?


It completely depends on the business-specific requirements laid out before us

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