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Selling products and services online doesn’t come easy, thanks to the cutthroat competition. Retailers, sellers, businesses, or manufactures must constantly grab the attention of their audience in order to make it to their shopping carts. Amongst other crucial factors, writing product descriptions that are informative, accurate, and compelling is the key to enhanced conversions, rank, and sales.

At QuikTek Info, we understand that as an eCommerce store owner, you ought to update your content regularly, even more so because your business is very much dependent on the customers directed to your site. Fortunately, our product description writing services are aimed at increasing your sales and not merely offering a detailed description of your products. Every product description writer in our team comes up with innovative product descriptions and SEO-ready content, not something that just about anyone can write.

During the process of product description copywriting, we make it a point to highlight your USPs and bring product-related information, facts, and relevant details to the fore. For this, we conduct extensive research and dig deeper into your competition and the key areas we need to focus on.

When you hire product description writers from us, you get all-inclusive catalog product descriptions writing services tailored to your product range. Our writers excel at writing impressive and enticing conversion-focused sales copy and descriptions that persuade and convince customers to simply click on ORDER NOW.

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Writing Product Descriptions on Demand

Product descriptions provide enough scope for interacting with the target audience and communicating the right message to them. Writing product specifications and including every little but relevant detail can help ensure that the descriptions resonate with the audience. With our eCommerce product description copywriting services, we have been successfully catering to the description writing requirements of eCommerce store owners.

  • Descriptions That Sell: Creating a page copy that connects with your ideal buyer, puts the spotlight on your products, and highlights its features while being engaging isn’t a cakewalk. Even more challenging is maintaining your brand identity and speaking in the correct tone. However, every product description copywriter on our team is proficient enough to write such a copy while delivering content that builds trust and boosts conversion rates.
  • Unique Content: As an experienced player of description writing services, we know it for a fact that every page means potential business. So, when our copywriters are entrusted with the task of writing product specifications, they write unique, persuasive descriptions. The content is informative, interesting, accurate, and SEO-friendly, for both your audience and Google to notice.
  • Build Social Identity: When you provide a fulfilling experience to your customers, you get them talking about your store. This is why we focus on your product description and consider them an opportunity to build your brand story. When customers are satisfied, they might simply refer to others – either in person or through social media.

Distinctive Features Offered by Our eCommerce Product Description Copywriters

  • Focus on Key-Phrases: With catalog product descriptions writing, we help you cut through the competition and bring better search engine rankings.
  • Audience-specific Copywriting: As eCommerce catalog processing experts, we indulge in audience-specific writing to directly address the exact requirements for B2B or B2C communication.
  • Advantage of Details: By writing product specifications and including relevant details, we convince your customers to buy from you without switching to your competition.
  • Regular Updates: Our catalog copywriting services help prevent the stagnation of your site with frequent updates, as and when required.
  • Advantage of Time: To make things available to you according to predefined schedules.
  • Description Editing and Enhancement: Our product description writers bring clarity and efficiency to your existing content. Rest assured, every product description copywriter we have onboard knows how to make your product details consistent, coherent, and appropriate for the medium.
  • Proofreading: Our writers scrutinize the content for spelling, grammar, and linguistic discrepancies. While rendering catalog copywriting services, they always create engaging, free of typographical errors and grammatically correct content for higher rankings.
  • Originality: As part of description copywriting, our copywriters ensure that the product descriptions are unique and 100% plagiarism-free. To help you get the most out of SEO product descriptions, we go on to use commercial plagiarism detectors and ensure the originality of the content.
  • Call to Action: Good product descriptions aren’t just limited to describing the product but go beyond that by asking shoppers to buy. Our copywriters integrate assuring a call to action into your sales copy to bring in conversions.

Why Avail Our Catalog Product Descriptions Writing Services?

As a part of our catalog copywriting services, we have been helping businesses with compelling titles and key-phrase-rich content for better rankings, revenue, and ultimately enhanced bottom line. Choose us for the following reasons:

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We believe in utmost client satisfaction, which is why we give you access to unlimited revisions until you are happy with the service. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the content we provide, and offering revisions is one way to ensure that.
  • SEO Optimized: Having SEO-optimized product pages is the key to successful online sales and that is something our proficient team of product description writers offers. Written with SEO practices in mind, they create product descriptions that ensure your products/services are easily found and ranked by the search engines.
  • Affordable Prices: Get top-quality product description copywriting services without having to pay a heavy amount. Our services won’t break your bank, and provide descriptions that not only boost profits but encourage brand loyalty.
  • Quick Times: We don’t keep you waiting – our turnaround times are quick and efficient regardless of the project size. The timeliness in which we deliver work to our clients is something that sets us apart from our competitors.
  • Dedicated Project Manager: As soon as you hire product description writers from us, we assign you a project manager who keeps a check on the project progress and maintains a constant flow of communication with you.
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    1. Isn't outsourcing product description writing risky?


    Our services are designed in a way that helps you get exactly the product descriptions you need. You know your business best, but you’d be surprised how well our writers can fill your shoes.

    Consider the alternatives to outsourcing:

    • Doing it yourself and spending a major chunk of time while diverting your attention from core business activities.
    • Using manufacturer descriptions and failing to leverage SEO.
    • Hiring writer(s), managing them, paying them, and still getting irrelevant product descriptions at the end.

    The choice is yours!


    2. Do you provide Amazon product description writing services as well?


    Yes, we have a capable team of writers who are well-acquainted with Amazon guidelines and provide all-inclusive services. Know more about our services from experts.


    3. Do I pay per product description?


    We provide you with an option to customize your plan as per your requirements - number of product descriptions, word length, or any optional services. Our pricing policy is flexible with monthly, hourly, and contract basis plans.


    4. Can you create a product description from scratch?


    Yes. All we require is the product page URL, product image and the product name to get started.


We run an eCommerce business with a focus on selling baby products. QuikTek’s team of copywriters helped us write interesting and original descriptions for our newly launched products. They surpassed our expectations and met the deadlines. I sincerely thank and appreciate their dedication and efforts in helping us complete the project just in time.
-- Craig Thomson
Online store for baby products