Document Scanning Services / Document Indexing Services

Storing files and hardcopy documents is a growing problem for businesses. At QuikTek, we help you convert your paper-based documents into an editable, electronic format so that you can access them and retrieve the required information within seconds through our wide range of document scanning and document indexing services.

Whether they are medical records, catalogs, lease agreements, technical and instructional manuals or any other type of data, our experts scan, digitize, index and archive the information in a quick turnaround time. Delivering quality document scanning services, we use high-end scanners to help you scan your documents of all sizes in both manual and automatic modes. Once we scan and digitize the documents, the final output is delivered via e-mail, CD or secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server so that you can download the documents directly with no loss of data.

At QuikTek, we create tabular as well as illustrated indexes to suit the type of file and the data it contains. To further simplify and pace-up the process, we employ technique like barcode recognition to help you index the scanned documents.

Our document scanning and document indexing services include:

  • Handwritten documents scanning and indexing
  • Book scanning and indexing
  • Microfilm/Microfiche scanning and indexing
  • Catalog scanning and indexing
  • Manual scanning and indexing
  • PDF scanning and indexing
  • Invoice scanning and indexing
  • Medical record scanning and indexing
  • Photo scanning

QuikTek advantage

  • We scan documents of all formats.
  • The data is indexed in the most suitable fields, as per the nature of the documents and the information it contains.
  • The information is verified, organized and categorized appropriately to simplify search and increase data usability.
  • We ensure that the users can access and retrieve required information easily and quickly.
  • We employ strenuous quality check process to make sure that the quality of the converted data is up-to-the-mark.
  • We provide scanning and indexing services at cost-effective prices and in the fastest possible turnaround time.

Contact us now to know how we can assist lighten the load of hard copies and maintain a paperless office through our document scanning services!

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Piles and piles of papers in our office cabinets were taking a lot of space and making it difficult for us to find relevant information. This is when professionals at QuikTek advised us to get the documents scanned and indexed. I must say that their suggestion came in handy and their services helped us retrieve valuable information, as and when required.

I would like to add that their promptness to respond to queries and speed at which they perform the work is incredible!
-- Frank Giumelli
A law firm