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eBay Customer Support Services

Leaving customer queries unattended for a long time results in high bounce rates and a negative effect on your eBay account’s status. To avoid this, we, at QuikTek, can help you manage customer interaction smoothly, improving your customer retention ratio and consequently bring in more sales for you.

Professionals at QuikTek are well-known to provide individualized and dedicated email chat support for queries regarding exchange and return policies, shipment, and product information. Our professionals reply to your customers’ emails promptly and accurately to strengthen your brand image, and build loyalty.

QuikTek’s eBay Customer Support professionals have extensive experience of eBay’s standard rules and regulations. They meticulously respond to all your customers’ query addressing every point to their satisfaction. Our professionals work in shifts to extend support to your customers, even beyond your working hours. For any further queries on our eBay Customer Support Services, kindly get in touch with us.

Case in Point

Client: eBay Retailer of Home Furnishing and Bathroom Equipment

Objective: Provide proper email customer support to increase buyers’ confidence

  • To respond quickly to the email queries of thousands of visitors and resolve customer interaction and satisfaction issues.
  • Coordinating with the courier companies, sales department, and other client-side professionals before responding to any shipment, delivery and product related queries was obstructing us from providing quick eBay customer support services.
  • Expediting the customer support process to increase customer retention ratio and decrease the level of order cancellations.

eBay Customer Support Solutions Offered by QuikTek

QuikTek formed a team of eBay customer support professionals with relevant knowledge and experience in resolving customer queries related to home furnishing and bathroom equipment. An induction session was also conducted to further ensure the efficiency of QuikTek Info’s eBay customer support services.

Our professionals assisted the client’s customers in resolving queries related to:

  • Order tracking, updating, cancellation, delivery, etc.
  • Faulty and missing orders
  • Non-receipt of confirmation mails
  • Payment processing
  • Warranty claims
  • Installation of the faucets and appliances, changing the valves and tap cartridges, and other generalized inquiries.


The overall number of queries per month have come down to 3000 from over 10,000. The reduced response time from days to a few hours has led to improved customer satisfaction and decrease in the level of order cancellations.

At QuikTek, we have a team of professionals who are experienced in providing customer support services to eBay retailers dealing in different types of products. To ask us for a free quote on hiring our expert team of eBay customer support professionals, kindly write to us at mail@quiktekinfo.com.

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From responding to customer emails to providing 24/7 chat support, we were looking for someone to interact with our eBay customers. This is when we chose QuikTek! Their versatility to adapt to our requirements and provide us tailored solutions highly impressed us.

With the help of QuikTek, we have been able to increase our customer retention ratio. Thank You QuikTek for such an amazing performance!
-- Stefan Lau
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