Outsource eCommerce Inventory Management Services

Inventory Management Services

Your online store or eCommerce website must have a proper eCommerce inventory management program, ensuring a rich, detailed, standardized inventory database.

  • Inventory item lookup time, both online and offline
  • Inventory carrying costs
  • Inaccurate item orders
  • Inventory stock-outs
  • Duplicate inventory items

Not only this, owing to our precise and controlled Online Inventory Management services, we enable you with:

  • Efficient eProcurement
  • Inventory sharing
  • Effective expenditure tracking

The inventory of your eCommerce store that features thousands of products can only be managed by a large team of back office support staff. With the help of our talented team of professionals, we, at QuikTek, offer affordable eCommerce inventory management services to our clients, allowing precise control of their inventory across multiple warehouse locations, suppliers, drop shippers, and distribution centers, consequently helping them gain much more out of their online business.

What We Offer Through Our Shopping Cart Inventory Management Services?

With our shopping cart inventory management and inventory tracking services, we help you with your inventory planning and order management requirements. Our online inventory management services include the following:

  • Assigning unique SKUs to each product and classify them into Kits and Bundles that help to streamline the management process and offer enhanced inventory tracking services
  • Maintaining related product information such as manufacturer details, lot number, serial number and expiry details through meticulous retail inventory management
  • Cross Channel and Cross Platform stock management that includes stock transfer and adjustment
  • Identification of slow moving goods and fast moving goods that help us offer intuitive insight related to demand of products
  • Updating the inventory records on real time basis, thus keeping you and your customers informed about actual availability status of each and every product
  • Cross checking the price of products that features over shopping cart, negating any chance of issuance of incorrect purchase orders
  • Vendor management that demands handling multiple suppliers
  • Effectively managing backorders and pre-orders, along with ensuring that correct Advance Shipment Notices(ASNs) are generated for it
  • Recovery management and recalling the products in case of damaged goods and subsequently updating the inventory details

Value-added Online Retail Inventory Management Services

  • We entrust big and small business inventory management task to a dedicated team of professionals led by experienced inventory manager
  • We provide eCommerce inventory management services on all major eCommerce platforms like Magento, osCommerce, Volusion, X-Cart, Zen Cart, etc., and marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten / Buy.com, Sears, and many others.

How Our Inventory Control Management Services Benefit You?

The benefits of eCommerce inventory management services that we offer at QuikTek are just not limited to enhancing the process of managing inventory of your eCommerce stores or websites. Rather, our inventory tracking services also prove beneficial to your online business in following ways:

  • You no longer require to invest your time and money to unproductive inventory management processes.
  • You get to enjoy enhanced control over supply chain of products and processes related to inventory and inventory management.
  • It also equips you to streamline your purchasing, thus you can invest in products that are more beneficial for your business.
  • Web based inventory management facilitates you to have easy access to inventory management processes of all your online stores and eCommerce websites.
  • Better reporting and data analysis help you improve inventory planning and order management for your eCommerce store.
  • You also benefit from inventory balance audits that are offered through our inventory control management services. It further helps you solve problems related to accounting and overspending on slow moving products, thus enhancing the potential of your online business.

Please contact us or email us at mail@quiktekinfo.com to know more about our eCommerce inventory planning, order management, and overall inventory tracking and management services.

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We run a beauty and lifestyle store online. Having more than 100,000 products, it was getting difficult for our in-house team to manage inventory. This is when QuikTek helped us maintain and manage our inventory database.

The professionals assisted right from assigning unique SKUs to each product to updating the inventory records regularly and keeping the customers’ informed about products’ availability.

We are really thankful to QuikTek for providing us tailored solutions at reasonable prices.
-- Darwin Payne
Online store of beauty and lifestyle products