Web Research Services / Data Mining Services

At QuikTek, we can analyse data from a wide range of web-based sources and help you create a database that delivers real business value. Through our web research / data mining services, we extract relevant information from web that will help you in driving your marketing and sales campaigns and make informed decisions. Our data mining professionals can extract field texts from databases, e-mail addresses, images, URLs, titles, and a wide variety of document files.

In the past, we have handled several projects that demanded comprehensive research and organizing and encapsulating unsorted business information from hundreds of different sources on the web to help our clients in formulating pricing strategy as per the current market trends. As part of web research services, our experts can support you in:

  • Collating information from a variety of B2B and B2C sites, blogs, forums, online portals, etc., into your desired output format
  • High-quality online research relating to company directory data, price intelligence data, fraud detection, brand monitoring, market intelligence, etc.
  • Analysing product details and updates, and feeding them onto a CMS
  • Gathering financial data, monitoring competitors’ standings, evaluating the market changes, and creating mailing lists for your advertisement campaigns
  • Combining multiple databases to create information repositories
  • Establishing relationship between internal factors like price, position of the products, etc., and external factors like customer demographics
  • Extracting raw data from a screen

QuikTek, with its extensive range of web research / data mining services, has helped several eCommerce retailers, banks, insurance, telecommunications companies, etc., in predicting upcoming business opportunities. With our faster TAT, we ensure that you have the access to all the data, just when you need it.

To ask us for a free quote on our outsourced web research services, kindly write to us at mail@quiktekinfo.com.

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We partnered with QuikTek in 2012 for web research services and our experience has been incredible. The data mining experts analyzed our business needs and conducted an in-depth research to provide us all the required and relevant information.

I recommend QuikTek because they are quick, efficient and experienced!
-- Elton C. Reedy
Research Agency