eCommerce Back-office Support Services

QuikTek can help you boost your business efficiency and customer satisfaction through our eCommerce Back-office Services. We offer a rich gamut of eCommerce back-office Support to help online merchants manage inventory, process customer orders, track shipment, monitor competitor’s pricing strategy, migrate product data from one platform to another and answer customers’ emails, promptly.

A Quick Glance at QuikTek’s eCommerce Back-Office Support Services

Order processing

QuikTek can help you with a comprehensive range of order processing services, including, capturing and checking the order, prices and payment processing, shipping management, order tracking/order status reporting, back order, return order management, and refund processing, etc. we also enable you to process high volume orders through our bulk order or batch processing services. We are adept at using various software and especially proficient at working with Stone Edge Order Management software.

Competitor price monitoring

To help you gain competitive edge in the market, we help you keep a tab on the pricing strategies followed by your competitors. We monitor your competitor prices’ and can help you implement price update based on that. Our experts can perform the task both manually and by automated means.

Email/Chat support

Do you know that addressing customer queries quickly can help you increase sales? At QuikTek, we help you answer customers’ emails just in time and provide round-the-clock chat support to attend your visitors and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Inventory management

QuikTek has an efficient team of back-office support staff that helps you manage your scores of products with utmost ease and accuracy. Through our inventory management services, we help you keep a track of your inventory.

Online store maintenance

If you have an eCommerce store, you must ensure that it is updated on a regular basis. QuikTek provides quality online store maintenance services and takes care of catalog processing, image processing as well as order processing. Our experts are familiar with all the major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces.

eCommerce data migration

Are you thinking to move your eCommerce store from one platform to another? At QuikTek, we offer accurate and reliable data migration services at cost-effective prices. We transfer all your product information seamlessly, while ensuring zero data loss during the process.

Hire eCommerce data entry specialists

QuikTek provides full-cycle eCommerce data entry services to help you keep your website up-to-date and drive web traffic. You can hire our eCommerce data entry operators to ensure accurate and error-free product listings.

QuikTek takes care of the day-to-day functioning of an eCommerce business at reasonable prices. By utilizing our eCommerce back office support services, you can save your time and resources that can be invested in focusing on core business activities and attracting new customers for increased sales.

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QuikTek came to our rescue when our in-house team failed to manage inventory of more than 120,000 SKUs. With their high quality back office support services, the professionals deftly managed our inventory, fulfill customer orders and analyze competitors’ pricing strategy to help us gain an edge over them.

We will continue to look up to them for their support and guidance.
-- Marianna Callmer
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