Data Processing Services

Data processing involves capturing of raw data from various sources, processing this information and presenting it in a suitable digital file format. This not only makes it easy to access the relevant information but also ensures data protection.

At QuikTek, we provide data processing services and work as an extension of your in-house team to help you perform the mundane task easily. This will enable you to focus on core competencies while staying assured that your data is in the right hands and is being processed as per your business requirements.

Our range of offshore data processing services include:

  • Data enrichment- This involves formatting, modifying, organizing, deleting and correcting the extracted data across multiple data fields. We help you correct all irregularities in the database, identify and de-duplicate the entries, update inaccurate and obsolete records, perform referential integrity checks and sort out mailing lists to provide you valuable data.
  • Form processing- This involves capturing data from structured or scattered forms and presenting it in the most suitable format. We process insurance forms, medical forms, survey forms, order forms, rental forms, etc.
  • Word processing and formatting- To help you ease out the tiresome task of formatting and typing your business-critical documents, we provide word processing and formatting services. Our experts organize, sort and format data in Microsoft Word.

How can we help you with data processing?

QuikTek helps you capture, digitize and process data from myriad sources that include scanned images, printed content, manuscripts, etc. Equipped with requisite technical expertise, we provide you with relevant and accurate data that helps you improve marketing campaigns and target the right audience. To improve the quality of your database, our experts clean, append, enrich, standardize and optimize data in a graphic, tabular or textual format, as per your preference.

Why outsource data processing services to QuikTek?

When you outsource data processing services to QuikTek, we help you increase business productivity and reduce operational and management costs by a huge margin. We cater to diverse industry verticals and can handle each and every aspect of data processing cycle efficiently. Understanding that data is the most valuable asset of an organization, we strictly adhere to security norms and maintain complete data security and confidentiality.

With our extensive experience in delivering offshore data processing services, we can help you enhance customer engagement, generate high revenue and boost brand awareness.

Contact us today to find out how we, at QuikTek, can help you streamline your data processing task.

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We are more than happy with their performance and professionalism.
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