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Up/Cross-Sell Merchandizing Information

For increasing average order volume (AOV) of an eCommerce Store, items per sale and improving customer experience with relevant recommendations – upselling and cross-selling can be employed as profitable strategies.

The most significant factor in upselling or cross-selling is assessing the merchandising relationship between the products and determining which products to offer so that it makes sense to up/cross-sell with. Subject to the size of your catalog, creating product relationships can get extremely complex and time consuming. Project teams at QuikTek work in close conjunction with marketing / product management teams of the client employing sophisticated tools and expert domain knowledge to build product upsell and cross sell opportunities.

QuikTek helps you present product recommendations by creating upsell and cross sell opportunities. Learn how.

We explore and scrutinize your site search and purchase records, competitor catalogs, search terms and patterns of customers, and their shopping cart checkout behavior to compile and link a range of products that best match each other and can increase the possibility of conversion and/or augment the value of that conversion.

We can logically display the upsell and cross sell products on the product pages and search lists, and particularly at checkout page.

QuikTek's UpSelling & Cross Selling Services

  • We link sales items or terms or labels, for instance, bulk purchase discounts, special offers, or savings on shipment for multiple products to persuade your customers to add to their order or upgrade to a more expensive model
  • We research, acquire and showcase expert reviews and customers' testimonials from email or manufactures'/suppliers' website
  • We can also help you present product recommendations in a number of other ways too, including:
    • 'Customers who bought this item also bought'
    • 'Recommended products'
    • 'You may also like'
    • 'Customers who bought X also bought'
    • 'Frequently bought together'
    • 'Customers who viewed X also viewed'
    • 'Stuff you may want' (for items in other categories)
    • 'More from this brand / category'
    • 'Looks hot with'
    • 'Complete the look' (e.g., hair dressing ornament, perfecting a lady's dress)

Does your eCommerce strategy include effective alternate selling like upselling or cross-selling technique to offer the right products at the right time to your customers? Please contact us to learn how we can help!

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High-quality services at cost-effective prices, this is what I got when we outsourced our Up/Cross-see merchandizing information project to QuikTek.

QuikTek worked in close coordination with us to understand our specific business needs and help us display relevant up-sell and cross-sell products. The project manager kept us updated about the project’s progress, asked for our suggestions at every stage and stayed in touch all the time. I highly recommend them to you.
-- Mickael Howard
Online store for sanitary ware