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If your eCommerce database constantly receives massive amounts of product data feeds from scores of manufacturers, distributors, and other sources, managing the acknowledgment, properly categorizing, and uploading the product data to your eCommerce store must be a complex and time-consuming task. This is where QuikTek Info’s product data feed management services come to the rescue.

Product feed management experts administer and optimize your product feeds so that your sales efforts can pay off. Our data feed management services aim at improving the quality of the feed, the source of the data while ensuring all sales requirements are met and the feed is regularly updated. The database experts at QuikTek Info can help online merchants with the extract, transform, and load process of their eCommerce data warehousing, including:

  • Extract: Our experts start off by capturing or extracting data from diverse sources
  • Transform: Once extracted, the data is qualitatively transformed to make it relevant enough to fulfil operational needs
  • Load: Last but not least, we meticulously load it into the database for effective functioning

Our data feed management experts proficiently handle the backend databases of all the major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, including Magento, Yahoo Store, osCommerce, 3dCart, Bigcommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, etc.

QuikTek helps online merchants with a complete gamut of product and shopping feed management services, including:

  • Managing product details including name, type, SKU, price, quantity, availability, and status details.
  • Meticulously analyzing the data feed, and mapping or reorganizing the data to your product database file structure.
  • Appropriately categorizing the product data to help customers easily find your products
  • Managing and updating product attributes including product attribute code, product attribute label, itinerary name, etc.
  • Based on a detailed analysis of your eCommerce product listings, our data feed management experts also provide suitable eCommerce marketing services to promote your products on the web.
  • Adding reviews and ratings to build trust among your audience while helping you promote your key products.
  • Creating several versions of the product data feed, to be used for your own store and other eCommerce channels.

As data feed management experts, we handle everything from creation to optimization to management:

  • Create: We create superior quality feeds, as per the exact feed specifications of the channel, by skillfully combining scraping technology, APIs, and files. Our experts make sure all mandatory fields are included.
  • Optimize: We ensure your feeds can be integrated with diverse channels by organizing and optimizing them. Our shopping feed management services are aimed at improving the quality of your product feed via image optimization, description writing, link validation, and other approval tools.
  • Manage: Feed management is a constant process. We make sure your feed keeps delivering results through effective management. Our product feed management experts suggest ways to drive more sales and make the most of your data.

Reasons your business needs shopping feed management services:

Product data feed management services optimize your data and enrich the product information while giving your business an edge over your competitors. Apart from this, it provides several other benefits, including:

  • Data Quality Enhancement

    Enhance the quality of your data feed while experiencing ease to meet the exact needs of your relevant export platforms.

  • Reduce the Workload

    We help you minimize your workload by managing one product data stream and transforming it into unique formats required by each destination in an effective, hassle-free way.

  • Enhance Visibility

    With well-optimized product content for merchandising, marketing and advertising, deed management services considerably improve your visibility, ROAS (return on Ad spend), and sales.

  • Easy Product Categorization

    A well-devised data feed management plan promotes product organization to match categories of different export channels.

  • Keep Product Information Updated

    Keep your product information automatically updated to facilitate accurate advertising, enhance customer experience and meet their expectations.

  • Everything Unified

    With proper feed management, you can keep everything in one place. We provide a single platform to optimize, enrich, and maintain your product data.

  • Avoid Performance Glitches

    As a part of our product data feed management services, we proactively identify and fix any possible errors in product data in order to prevent unnecessary performance issues.

Choose data feed management experts from QuikTek Info for visible results:

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What is a product feed? It is a structured, automated text file (like a CSV) that uses several attributes (price, name, images, description, etc.) to define and distinguish your products.
Why should I use a product feed for online marketing? Product feeds help you use, reach and optimize online marketing channels including affiliate networks, blogs, social media channels, and newsletters among others.
What kind of optimizations can you make? As a preeminent shopping feed management services provider, we undertake the following to optimize your feed:
  • Adjust your feed to match the format of the marketing channel
  • Enhance the product attributes
  • Complete any missing information
  • Filter products that you no longer want to advertise
Do you also provide catalog processing services? Yes, we provide a wide array of catalog processing services, including:
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QuikTek provided us with accurate product data feed management services upload all the required and relevant product data to our online store. Their ability to customize the solutions to meet our business needs and deliver the project in quick turnaround times has impressed us.

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