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Our Product Description Writing Services help you sell your products, not merely describe your products.

Content is the key in search engine optimization. Maintaining and updating the content regularly is very important for the success of eCommerce stores. The basics indicate that content appropriately sprinkled with keywords results in higher search ranking. We must not forget that the main motive of search engines is to churn out the most relevant and current information pertaining to keywords typed in the search bar.

Regularly updating content is a must for eCommerce store owners as their business completely depends on customers directed to their site. Writing innovative product descriptions and search engine friendly content is a trick everyone can't master. It's like showing people that you have exactly what they need.

Writing product descriptions is also about subtly indicating your USPs, product related information, facts, and other relevant details. It involves extensive research to evaluate market trends, competition and ascertain key areas to focus upon. This is when QuikTek’s eCommerce SEO Copywriting services can come in handy!

Compelling, Keyword-Rich Product Description Writing Services from QuikTek: Key Features

  • Unique product descriptions: Every page means potential business. You can rely on our copywriters to pen persuasive prose that brings quality leads. The content will be informative, interesting, accurate and SEO-friendly. We can write short descriptions, long descriptions, product functions, and other details.
  • Product description editing and enhancement: Lacklustre and confusing details cause more damage than directing a lead to the checkout page. Our product description writers bring clarity and efficiency in your existing content. They make your product details consistent, coherent and appropriate for the medium.
  • Proofreading: It involves scrutinizing the content for spelling, grammar, and linguistic discrepancies. Creating pithy yet informative product descriptions is extremely crucial. Our content writers create engaging, Free of typographical error and grammatically correct content for higher ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN,, etc.
  • Originality: As part of eCommerce SEO copywriting services, seasoned copywriters at QuikTek ensure that the product descriptions are unique and 100% plagiarism-free. We use commercial plagiarism detectors like Copyscape to ensure originality of the content.

QuikTek’s eCommerce content writing services Blogging for eCommerce Stores

Blogs provide enough scope of interacting with the target audience and communicating the right message to them. They work as an informal and rather indirect platform of communication; after all you don't have to stick to the format barrier.

With our eCommerce content writing services, we have been successfully handling blogging for our clients dealing in eCommerce.

Our eCommerce content writing services: Distinctive Features

  • Focus on key-phrases: To cut through the competition and bring better search engine rankings.
  • Audience-specific copywriting: To directly address exact requirements for B2B or B2C communication.
  • Advantage of details: To prevent customers from surfing to competition.
  • Regular updates: To prevent stagnation of your site.
  • Advantage of time: To make things available to you according to pre-defined schedules.

We have been helping online businesses make more money, increase leads, and boost bottom line profits with our eCommerce content management, copy writing / editing, search engine optimization and eCommerce store design and development services. As part of our Catalog Copywriting Services, we create compelling titles and key phrase rich content that helps you gain better ranks in search engine result pages.

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We run an eCommerce business with a focus on selling baby products. QuikTek’s team of copywriters helped us write interesting and original descriptions for our newly launched products. They surpassed our expectations and met the deadlines. I sincerely thank and appreciate their dedication and efforts in helping us complete the project just in time.
-- Craig Thomson
Online store for baby products