Product Data Feed Management Services

If your eCommerce database is in a state of constant inflow receiving massive amounts of data feeds for a great number of products, from scores of manufacturers, distributors and other sources – then for sure, it’s a complex and time-consuming task – managing the acknowledgement, properly categorizing and uploading the product data to your eCommerce store.

Extract/Transform/Load (ETL)

The database experts at QuikTek can help online merchants with the extract, transform, and load (ETL) process of their eCommerce data warehousing, including:

  • Extracting data from valid sources
  • Qualitatively transforming the data to make it relevant to fit the operational needs
  • Loading it into the database

eCommerce product data management experts at QuikTek can proficiently handle the backend databases of all the major eCommerce platforms and market places, including Magento, Yahoo Store, osCommerce, 3dCart, Bigcommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, etc.

QuikTek can help online merchants with complete gamut of Product Data Feed Management services, including:

  • Managing product details, such as name, type, SKU, price, quantity, availability and status details
  • Meticulously analyzing the data feed, and mapping or reorganizing the data to your product database file structure
  • Appropriately categorizing the product data to help customers easily find your products
  • Managing product attributes or attribute sets including product attribute code, product attribute label, itinerary name, etc.
  • Based on detailed analysis of your eCommerce product listings, we can also provide suitable eCommerce marketing services to promote your products on the web
  • Adding reviews and ratings to help you in promoting your key products
  • Creating several versions of the product data feed, to be used for your own store and other eCommerce channels

What are the business advantages of outsourcing your Product Data Feed Management Services to QuikTek?

  • Maintain a multi-channel presence across multiple markets, languages or touch points
  • Ability to focus on strategic business operations
  • Complete control over eCommerce content management strategy
  • Fully managed and optimized data feeds
  • Cost effectiveness with less expensive resources

To learn how our eCommerce product data feed management experts can support you in improving the productivity, findability and management of your data feeds, please contact us or write to us at

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QuikTek provided us with accurate product data feed management services upload all the required and relevant product data to our online store. Their ability to customize the solutions to meet our business needs and deliver the project in quick turnaround times has impressed us.

We look forward to working with QuikTek in the near future!
-- Matthew Smith
eBook store owner