Custom SKU Development Services

SKU Development is the process by which QuikTek gathers attributed product content and then optimizes that content for use in an eCommerce environment. Robust product data is the fuel on which faceted and keyword search operate. When that data is then optimized through a process called Normalization, shoppers experience concise search results with fewer page views. In short, shopping is easier and more enjoyable leading to increased conversion rates.

While QuikTek recommends a complete SKU build effort including both Content Gathering and Normalization, we offer both as part of Custom SKU Development Services:

Content Gathering: eCommerce experts at QuikTek gather data directly from manufacturer sources which is then evaluated for completeness and accuracy.

Normalization: The process by which data captured from a variety of sources are aligned to form a concise and discrete list of values. Normalization tasks range from simple formatting to a conceptual evaluation of values with like-meanings. Our team of analysts and consultants research individual products and even values to ensure clear and accurate selections are available in a faceted search environment.

Why you should opt for SKU Development

Full SKU Production is essential for both faceted and keyword search to function properly, plays a crucial role in increased conversion rate, streamlines complex attributes, fewer returns and thereby less number of frustrated customers, etc. Furthermore, robust and clean product data is now a stringent requirement to be considered ‘best in class' by Amazon and other marketplaces.

The QuikTek Advantages

  • Wide experience in eCommerce domain to give you the best possible outcomes
  • Experts in complex product data management
  • Dedicated team of product content specialists with precise experience in SKU building services work directly with client organizations
  • Scale to increase speed and consistency relative to client organizations
  • All product data is owned by the client at the end of the production process

Improve your inventory management with our stock keeping unit or SKU Building Services. Please get in touch with us.

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It is with great pleasure that I am informing you about the successful completion of our SKU development project, which has been a resounding success for us. And the credit for this goes to QuikTek!

The professionals worked day in and day out to gather attributed product data, normalize and optimize it to help us improve our online visibility. I sincerely appreciate QuikTek for their true commitment and professionalism that resulted in exceptional results.
-- Edward Sullivan
Online Store for medical equipment