Image Data Entry Services

Several organizations deal with scores of images that must be organized effectively. QuikTek provides high-quality image data entry services to help you capture your image data, key-in and organize it in the format of your choice, thus making it easy to retrieve information and safeguard it from loss or damage.

The digitized images are sent to the clients in a CD, email or through a secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) so that the images can be downloaded directly. We help you simplify this meticulous task and save your time so that you can focus on key aspects of your business to achieve goals and objectives.

QuikTek's Image Data Entry Services

  • Image Capturing
  • Extracting data from images
  • Image Sorting
  • Data capture from Image
  • Image Keying
  • Image Indexing
  • Image Merging and Editing
  • Image Conversion
  • Catalog Image Data Entry
  • Image Data Entry into spreadsheets or databases of choice
  • Image Entry from scanned images

Why Outsource Image Data Entry Services to QuikTek?

QuikTek houses a skilled team of professionals that work 24/7 and deliver the outcome with complete accuracy, cost-effectiveness and within the fastest possible turnaround time. They convert images of a wide range of formats such as PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PSD, BMP, GIF and RIF to the most suitable file type, as per your requirement. When you outsource image data entry services to us, we will help you increase productivity for your organization, while also significantly reducing operational costs.

QuikTek employs stringent security measures and accesses data on a strict, restricted network to assure the confidentiality of your business-critical information. We can aptly cater to your business requirements by bringing the best of our experience to the table. Our experience spans over half a decade, thus enabling us to manage your projects efficiently, quickly and accurately.

Contact us now to find out how QuikTek can help you simplify your image data entry task.

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Having more than 120,000 images, it was getting difficult for our in-house team to capture data from them and organize it deftly. So, we chose to outsource the project to QuikTek and I must say that it was the right decision. The professionals worked round the clock, maintained data confidentiality and delivered the project within restricted time-frame.

I highly recommend them!
-- Earl M. Dennison
Managing Director
A pharmaceutical company