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eCommerce Data De-Duplication & Cleansing Services

Missing, confusing and inconsistent data is at the bottom of many lost sales opportunities and abandoned shopping carts. The quality of product information plays a crucial role in buying decisions.

In absence of comprehensive, informed and error-free information, your customers can not even search effectively, let alone buy products. Errors and gaps in product data give rise not only to poor store searchability and usability, but also to confused and frustrated customers, product returns, and increased customer service inquiries.

eCommerce database experts at QuikTek help in auditing and exposing incorrect, obsolete, duplicate and poor quality data causing lost sales. Once we’ve identified erroneous data, we work on fixing it by scrubbing, structuring, and enriching it. Through eCommerce data matching and data scrubbing, we not only tidy your catalogue data but also spruce it up by reconciling your product list compiled from multiple sources for a unified product catalog.

Employing a combination of latest software and smart manual cleansing methodologies, QuikTek ensures your product database are:

  • Well- structured – meaning that your eCommerce data has correct field placement and consistent values, is uniformly formatted, and uses notations, wherever required.
  • Discoverable – meta information attributes and search index data are linked to products.
  • Inter-linked – appropriately linked to establish merchandising relationships allowing upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Quality tested – for completeness, spelling, consistency of presentation, veracity of data, ensuring no gaps in data or matching data, duplicate multiple descriptions, etc.

To learn how our eCommerce product database experts can support you in improving the productivity, discoverability and management of your product data attributes and facets, please contact us or write to us at

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QuikTek has played a pivotal role in helping us manage and update our product database. Be it identifying obsolete entries or fixing them through data scrubbing, QuikTek’s professionals helped us cleanse the database and provide all the relevant information to the customers. They ensured that there is no redundant information, duplicate records or errors in our product data.

On-time project delivery and cost and result-effective outcomes are what we got when we outsourced data de-duplication and cleansing project to QuikTek. My investment is certainly paying off and I am sure QuikTek will do justice to your investment as well.
-- John Davis
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