Product Data & Store Optimization Services

eCommerce Data Optimization Services

Maintaining an optimized product database is pivotal for eCommerce business owners as it ensures a fantastic shopping experience for customers, quick discoverability, improved website performance and easy maintenance. At QuikTek, we understand that your database must be free from errors, contain no duplicate entries, have consistent formats and display schema.

Since our inception in 2009, QuikTek has been delivering quality eCommerce data optimization services that help in improving the performance of the online stores, thus leading to increased profits. Our experts hold deep industry knowledge and extensive experience of managing product data for a wide range of industry verticals.

Our comprehensive eCommerce data optimization services include:

Product Data De-Duplication and Cleansing Services

At QuikTek, we understand the significance of managing accurate and organized database for business growth. Our experts help you cleanse data and de-duplicate records, thus ensuring that your product data is well-structured, complete and error-free.

eCommerce Product Data Enrichment Services

QuikTek’s experienced professionals work with eCommerce business owners to reduce shopping cart abandonment by enhancing product data and ensuring that your prospects find all the relevant information they need to complete their purchase.

Up/Cross Sell Merchandising Information

QuikTek helps eCommerce business owners in boosting conversion rates and increasing profits by employing up-selling and cross-selling techniques. Our experts offer intelligent up-sell and cross-sell suggestions, based on the products your customers have selected or looked at.

Coupon Data Entry and Management Services

The time-consuming and cumbersome task of coupon deals data entry and management is best handled by experts at QuikTek. We capture and digitize all kinds of data including coupons, deals data entry, product sale offer deals, mail returns, surveys, etc.

eCommerce SEO/Marketing Services

So, you have a well-managed and updated eCommerce store. But is it visible to your prospective customers? At QuikTek, we can help you attract web traffic and increase your store’s search engine rankings with our high-quality SEO and online stores marketing services.

Product Review Writing Services

Product reviews have the potential of influencing the buying behavior of customers. QuikTek has a dedicated and able team of product review writers that assesses the items and creates genuine, well-balanced and credible reviews that help you boost conversions and increase profits.

Site Design/Redesign Services

Whether you are kick-starting a new eCommerce store or wish to redesign your website, QuikTek offers you full-cycle eCommerce website design and development services at cost-effective prices. Our experts are adept at working on Magento, Volusion and OpenCart eCommerce platforms.

QuikTek as Your eCommerce Data Optimization Service Provider

We build our services around YOU and deliver solutions that are tailored to meet YOUR specific business needs.

This is why choosing us as your eCommerce data optimization service provider will be beneficial for you:

  • Customized services as per your requirement
  • State-of-the-art processes
  • Skilled and experienced staff
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Cost effective and affordable pricing
  • Quality customer service and support
  • Complete data security and confidentiality

You can go for a Free Trial of our eCommerce data optimization services to gauge our quality and turnaround time. Write to us at so that our professionals can help you gain maximum out of your well-managed and optimized product database.

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QuikTek’s professional and innovative approach of optimizing product database helped us identify critical gaps in our data and improve upon them. The well-qualified and experienced staff demonstrated high level of technical expertise, professionalism and hand-holding assistance throughout the process.

They precisely understood our needs and provided cost-effective solutions. We view them as a long term partner and highly recommend them to you!
-- Erich Recheis
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