Copy Paste Data Entry Services

Copy-paste of data between different formats can be a tedious task, even more so if you don't have the right professionals to do it for you. It needs thorough knowledge about multiple format conversion and the software required for it. For this reason, and many more, copy paste data entry is best left to the experts. At QuikTek, we have trained professionals and qualified experts who work with the best conversion software, right methodologies, security measures and quality assurance procedures to get the job done for you. And we do it in a very cost effective manner, which saves a lot of money and valuable resources, because you don't have to hire a special team of professionals for it.

Our capabilities in copy paste services

QuikTek offers an entire spectrum of copy paste services, like:

Copy-paste in multiple formats

Copy-paste between different file formats: PDF to Word, Word to Excel, Excel to PowerPoint, PowerPoint to PageMaker, and many such to and fro conversions are done quickly, simply and easily.

Web content to multiple formats

Copy-paste material from any web source and convert it to multiple file formats.

Copy-paste for learning resources

Creating duplicate data for reference websites, training material and eBooks.

Bulk copy-paste

Copy-paste in bulk for email addresses and website links for carrying out email marketing campaigns and for recruitment purposes.

Copy-paste to spreadsheets and databases

Gather data from multiple sources and store them in databases and spreadsheets as is.

Why outsource copy paste services to QuikTek?

At QuikTek, a skilled team does the job for you. They know all about the best practices and methodologies that benefit your business immensely, which allows you to get the best value out of data copy paste data entry services. When you choose us to outsource copy paste services, you get all of the following advantages:

Data security

Security is our prime concern. When you outsource copy paste services to us, we take all the security measures that are needed to maintain the security and integrity of your data.

Advanced technology

Our modern infrastructure allows us to do the work better and faster. We have state-of-the-art systems and lightning-fast servers that enable us to maintain a high level of precision and accuracy and a quick turnaround time for all our projects.

Regular communication

As a partner, and not just a service provider, we know how important it is to communicate on a regular basis. We understand your exact requirements carefully and meticulously, to tailor-make the best possible solution for you. We also send out work reports and discuss the progress with you on a regular basis.

Service and Support

Our job doesn't end with the project. We make sure that you get exactly what you want during the service, and also ensure that any difficulty you face once the project is over is resolved then and there.

To know more about our copy paste data entry services, kindly mail us at and we will get in touch with you soon.

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I was looking for someone who was trained enough to copy data from a web source and paste it in Excel sheet. When I had outsourced the project to a company earlier, the staff had blindly copy-pasted the content without paying attention to the content. But with QuikTek my experience was really rewarding. The professionals not only copy-pasted the required text but also ensured that it was correct to the last detail.

I must say that QuikTek delivered high quality services that I was looking for. Their professionalism and technical know-how won us over. Looking forward to work in near future!
-- Timothy Morrow
Managing Director
A market research company