Amazon Virtual Assistant Services

Do the routine Amazon store maintenance activities prevent you from focusing on your primary business objectives? Let QuikTek’s Virtual Assistants manage your Amazon store and daily activities like updating product data and details, order processing, product image editing and re-sizing, and several others, while you take care of achieving your main business goals.

We form a team of professionals, exclusive to the type of Amazon store that you run. At QuikTek, we have an expert team Amazon virtual assistants who have served Amazon store owners across different categories. They possess specialized knowledge in:

  • Amazon Listing optimization
  • Amazon Competitor Analysis
  • Amazon Customer Support
  • Amazon Order Tracking
  • Amazon Product Upload
  • Amazon Product Search
  • Amazon Shipping Details Management
  • Amazon Social Media Support
  • And other Administrative and Technical Support

On partnering with us for Amazon virtual assistant services, you get a dedicated team of offshore virtual assistants who work in shifts to match your working hours, providing you incessant support to run your Amazon store efficiently. We do not leave any room for communication gaps and employ a project manager who keeps you updated about the progress of your project.

Amazon VA's - Case in Point

Client: An Amazon Retailer Selling Men’s Clothing and Accessories

Objective: To lay dedicated focus on devising new business strategies for boosted sales, without worrying about store maintenance.

  • The client’s store was falling apart due to divided attention. We had to ensure that the client could focus on devising new business strategies and beat their competitors, without worrying about store management.
  • Out of the 15,000 SKU’s that we had to manage, half of them were not updated and had poor descriptions. We had to conduct an exhaustive product research to gather information from different sources and update the product descriptions.
  • We were also asked to provide customer support service to the clients.

Amazon Virtual Assistant Solutions offered by QuikTek:

As the project consisted of multiple tasks, we formed different teams comprising professionals, knowledgeable in a particular task. As we had undertaken a similar project in the past, we only had to conduct a short induction session of a few hours to give briefing to the teams. As part of Amazon virtual assistant services, we provided the following solutions:

  • Our team of product description writers gathered information from different sources including the manufacturers’ website to write crisp and informative descriptions.
  • Products availability was updated.
  • While researching for the product descriptions, our writers also found a few similar products on our client’s store which were top-sellers at other places. We updated the top selling products’ section too.
  • Customer requires regarding return and replacement policies, order delivery, product information were resolved quickly in co-ordination with the client’s sales department and associate courier company.


By combining the newly devised strategies with efficient store management services from our Amazon virtual assistants, the sales figures of our client’s store have risen by 128%.

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We run an online store for sports equipment. We were losing our customers because of our inability to update the product inventory frequently on Amazon store. So, we chose QuikTek and hired virtual assistant who aptly manage the day-to-day activities and ensures that the store is up-to-date.

Thanks to QuikTek!
-- Richard Shook
Online Store for sports equipment