The most dependable data capture services

Because data is an essential and fundamental building block of every organization, chances are that you already know how cumbersome and tedious a task data capture is. Nonetheless, extracting data from multiple sources and then converting it in a digital format, also known as electronic data capture, is imperative. This is because companies rely almost completely on the latest and the most accurate information to make the most strategic and important of decisions. As part of data capture services, we extract data from multiple physical sources like printed paper documents, forms and surveys, bills and receipts, bank statements, company statements, sales invoices, microfilms and photographs and then convert it into different digital formats, as per your requirement.

Why Outsource Data Capture Services to QuikTek?

Through data capture services, we identify and extract data from scanned documents. We offer the following document scanning services for any project of any scale and size:

Paper to image conversion

As part of our document imaging services, we convert large volumes of paper documents into images of multiple formats in quick turnaround timeframes for easy retrieval and for saving in archived databases.

Form processing

We collect information from forms and convert them into images of multiple formats.

Coupons, vouchers and receipt processing

We capture data from promotional coupons, sales vouchers, and sales invoices and receipts.

Data capture from bank drafts, cheques

We capture sensitive data from sources like bank drafts, checks/cheques, statements and ensure that we store your files and passwords in a secure location.

Microfilms, photographs, magnetic tape data capture

We capture data from microfilms and photographs and from storage devices like magnetic tapes.

Our data capture process

At QuikTek, data capture is done in the following two steps:

  • We use high-speed scanners for document imaging services. This includes long-range and short-range scanning, linear imaging, radio frequency tagging and 2D area imagers.
  • After that, the conversion is done using OCR (optical character recognition) and ICR (intelligent character recognition) technologies.

The benefits of choosing QuikTek for document scanning services

Partnering with QuikTek will allow you to:

Effective conversion

Convert all valuable documents and images into virtually indestructible digital formats. Get the best quality output, quick turnaround timeframes and cent percent accuracy.

Cost saving

Spend less on paper and infrastructure to store large amounts of paper by availing cost effective services by our experienced and qualified professionals.

Better data handling

Handle and retrieve documents more easily and efficiently than ever before. Convert the work of hours into a matter of microseconds. Save your data across multiple locations in different databases for secure storage and easy access anytime, anywhere.

When you outsource data capture to the experts, you relieve yourself of tremendous burden that allows you to spend that saved time, resources and money on what you do best – business. So just write to us at to get the best document imaging services for your business.

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Partnering with QuikTek proved to be really beneficial for us as the data entry specialists helped us capture and organize critical information, thus helping us improve our processes. We hope that our association grows stronger in the years to come.
-- Joseph Pettis
Market Research Agency